Jinger Duggar visits Arkansas and her sisters: Is she pregnant?

Jinger Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Jinger Duggar’s return home to Arkansas has sparked rumors. Pic credit: TLC

Jinger Duggar’s visit to Arkansas over the weekend has made headlines over and over again. The spur of the moment trip came with no details, and now, there is plenty of speculation about why the West Coast girl went back home.

Most of the Duggar women showed up to help celebrate her trip home. Photos were shared that included all of the adult sisters together once again — including Jill Duggar. There was lunch at Panera and shopping at Target included for the Duggar women.

Was there a pregnancy announcement?

Some Counting On fans believe that the random gathering of Duggar women happened because there was good news to be shared. Theories include both a pregnancy announcement and a courtship announcement.

Joy-Anna Duggar has been the target of pregnancy speculation for months now. She suffered a devastating loss at 20-weeks gestation with her little girl, and since then, the rumors have come in waves.

Earlier this year, it looked like she may be hiding a baby bump and waiting to announce, but after seeing her photos with Carlin Bates, she didn’t appear to have a bump at all.

Now, Jinger Duggar is the target of speculation. Did she fly home to announce a pregnancy? Counting On viewers have been waiting for her to announce her second child, but that hasn’t happened yet. She was the one Duggar sibling who waited before having children. Felicity will celebrate her second birthday in July, so it may be time to add a new little one.

Was a courtship announced?

Counting On is likely being filmed again, which has given some credit to speculation that a courtship may have been announced. Jinger Duggar spent time with her other siblings while in town as well. Jedidiah Duggar shared a photo of himself with his big sister, sharing a sweet message about seeing her again.

The Duggar boys have also been the target of courtship rumors. Jason Duggar has long been linked to Lauren Caldwell, the younger sister of Joseph Duggar’s wife, Kendra Caldwell. Jeremiah Duggar has also been seen with a mystery girl, which has amped up his case for a possible courtship.

Jana Duggar is also being tossed around as a possible announcement maker. Viewers have been waiting for her to find a man and move on with her life, though she likely isn’t the one with news. Jana has said she is happy with her life, and when she is given the man she is supposed to marry from God, then she will take the next step.

Whatever the reason for Jinger Duggar’s return to Arkansas was, it garnered plenty of attention.

Counting On is currently on hiatus.

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