Joy-Anna Duggar looks just like Jessa Duggar in new photos

Carlin Bates and Joy-Anna Duggar photo.
Joy-Anna Duggar resembles Jessa Duggar. Pic credit: @austinandjoyforsyth/Instagram

Joy-Anna Duggar shared a few photos from a visit with Carlin Bates last week.

She looked amazing, and some Counting On viewers couldn’t believe how much she resembled Jessa Duggar.

There has been some speculation that Joy-Anna Duggar may be expecting, but that was debunked when she shared the photos of herself and Carlin Bates.

This was the first full-body picture the reality star has shared since December.

Joy-Anna Duggar resembles big sister Jessa in new photos

If you were just scrolling Instagram and didn’t know any better, the new photos shared by Joy-Anna Duggar could easily have been mistaken for Jessa Duggar.

From the long hair to the cardigan and jean skirt, the sisters look more similar now than ever before.

Several of the Duggar sisters have resemblances, but Joy-Anna Duggar and Jessa Duggar have the most similar looks right now. As they have grown, the women in the Duggar family seem to age effortlessly.

Joy-Anna was a tomboy growing up and has blossomed into a very pretty young woman. Jessa has always been praised for her good looks, even being dubbed the “prettiest” sister several years ago.

Joy-Anna Duggar visits Carlin Bates

The trip to see Carlin Bates was so that Joy-Anna Duggar could meet her new little girl.

It had to be bittersweet for the Counting On star who suffered a loss last June when she was 20 weeks pregnant with her little girl.

Carlin Bates got married last spring and Joy-Anna Duggar was a part of the wedding party. Back then, she was showing pretty heavily.

All of those special moments together will be a reminder of what once was.

Despite her trials, Joy-Anna Duggar has been incredibly supportive of Carlin Bates throughout her pregnancy and when she had her little girl. Their friendship has been intact for as long as they can remember.

Both of their families have been friends for decades, and interestingly enough, Joy-Anna and Carlin are both the ninth child in their family.

Both women enjoyed the time they spent together, even if it was brief. Joy-Anna Duggar and Carlin Bates have been through a lot of life together over the years, and when they need one another, they show up.

Carlin was there when Joy-Anna needed her the most.

The latest photos reveal that Joy-Anna Duggar had a good time with Carlin Bates and confirm that she looks a lot like her big sister, Jessa Duggar these days.

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