Jill Duggar celebrates Jinger Duggar’s visit with the rest of the family

All of the adult Duggar sisters together.
Jill Duggar hung out with her sisters while Jinger Duggar was in town. Pic credit: @jessaseewald/Instagram

The Duggar women bonded this weekend with Jinger Duggar in town with her daughter, Felicity Vuolo. All of the adult sisters gathered together to spend some quality time with one another.

Jinger Duggar’s visit to Arkansas has piqued curiosity among Counting On fans. She shared some photos from their time together and there was a little bit of worry about whether Jill Duggar would be in attendance or if she would be left out of the family gathering.

Was Jill Duggar present at the Duggar women gathering?

Jessa Duggar shared photos from the Duggar women gathering on Instagram. One was all of the women except for Kendra Caldwell and Johannah Duggar. The reason for their absence wasn’t noted, but Jessa revealed they were missed.

In another photo also shared by Jessa Duggar, all of the adult Duggar daughters shared a photo. It was a remake of one taken a few years ago and showcased the women all looking incredibly grown up and mature. All of them are married with at least one child, except for Jana Duggar.

Jill Duggar was included in the event, which was surprising for some. Her husband, Derick Dillard, has been spilling details about the Duggar family.

He revealed that Jill requires permission before heading to the family home, and it looks like she received Jim Bob Duggar’s blessing to attend.

Why did the Duggar women all get together?

When Jinger Duggar revealed she was heading back to Arkansas with Felicity in tow, Counting On viewers wondered what was happening. There has been speculation that a courtship or pregnancy was being announced, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

It sounded like the trip back home was a spur of the moment decision. What is going on with the Duggars? Hopefully, some of the other family members will share photos from what they did over the weekend while hanging out and having some quality time.

Counting On is rumored to be filming so that may also have something to do with the Duggar family getting together. Some viewers are expecting an announcement about a new season coming soon.

The only thing that raises questions about it being a filming event is the presence of Jill Duggar. She and Derick Dillard have been adamant about avoiding reality television. She did make an appearance in Jessa Duggar’s birth special though, so there is hope.

Whatever the reason, seeing the Duggar women all together after being apart for so long was just what Counting On fans needed.

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