Anna Duggar praised for beauty and self-care: Is she the next Michelle Duggar?

Anna Duggar during a 19 Kids and Counting confessional.
Anna Duggar may be the next Michelle Duggar. Pic credit: TLC

Anna Duggar is a busy mom and many of her followers acknowledge how she seems to do it all. From homeschooling to self-care, there isn’t one beat the former reality star misses.

She recently shared a photo of herself reading with Michael. While it was a sweet mother and son moment, it was getting plenty of attention for another reason. Anna Duggar garnered plenty of compliments from followers about how beautiful she is and how she keeps up with herself despite having six children.

Fans praise Anna Duggar for her beauty

It looks like Anna Duggar is morphing into a mini version of Michelle Duggar. The two spend a lot of time together with Josh Duggar living on the property with his parents. Both Anna and Michelle also have children the same age and the girls are close.

Counting On viewers have long joked about Michelle Duggar aging backward, and that is what Anna Duggar seems to be doing. Several followers commented on her recent Instagram post about how beautiful the mom of six is.

She has managed to keep herself in shape after having multiple children and remained by her husband’s side despite all of his actions that have harmed her and the entire Duggar family.

Anna Duggar has come out of her shell in recent months, showing off her date night with Josh and his parents, and letting viewers see her all dolled up.

Will Anna be the next Michelle Duggar?

There has been a lot of speculation among Duggar followers about Anna Duggar trying to be the new and updated version of Michelle Duggar. The two spend an incredible amount of time together and have raised their daughters together. Aside from that, Michelle was there for Anna as she navigated the messy situation with her son Josh.

Currently, Anna and Josh Duggar have been married almost 12 years and share six children. They have three boys and three girls. It is unclear if they plan to continue having more children and rival Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, but if so, they may fall short. Anna has expressed wanting a big family and fits right in with her in-laws.

Aside from all of the lifestyle similarities, Anna Duggar seems to get more beautiful with age like Michelle Duggar. Both women have been praised for that among Duggar fans. Anna’s followers were on top of that with the latest photo and it looks like she enjoys the singsong of praises as they remain on her page.

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