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Dr. Fred Weinberg: Everything we know about Ariela from 90 Day Fiance’s dad

90 Day Fiance star Ari Weinberg's father Dr. Fred Weinberg arrives in Ethiopia.
90 Day Fiance star Ari Weinberg’s father, Dr. Fred Weinberg, arrives in Ethiopia. Pic credit: TLC

90 Dar Fiance Star Ariela Weinberg was very vocal about her father, Dr. Fred Weinberg’s, importance during November 8’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. Who is the man that Ari looks up to so dearly?

The 68-year-old is married to Janice Weinberg, and the two share five kids, including Ari.

According to his Healthgrades page, Dr. Weinberg is a Cardiology Specialist with over 42 years of medical experience. He received his doctorate from the Stony Brook University School of Medicine in 1978.

He then completed residencies at University Pa Health Sys Presby M C and Kings County Hospital Center.

He holds board certifications for cardiovascular disease and internal medicine.

He is currently based in Princeton, New Jersey, and works at his own private practice titled Weinberg Frederick MD Office and Penn Medicine Princeton Health hospital.

Additionally, he is still accepting patients, so any fans who want some insight into Ari’s family life and need to have their heart looked at can book an appointment with him.

Dr. Weinberg on 90 Day Fiance

Dr. Weinberg first appeared on 90 Day Fiance to visit Ari in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and meet her husband, Biniyam Shibre, and their baby, Avi.

Ari built up anticipation around his visit to Bini by insisting that he was a very busy and important man. She explained he always works and never has time for travel, heightening the importance of this trip.

She also insisted that Bini call him Dr. Fred Weinberg, as opposed to Fred.

Bini met Dr. Weinberg and his wife, Janice, at the airport. Dr. Weinberg instantly seemed more down-to-earth than his daughter implied. He even insisted Bini call him Fred instead of Dr. Fred Weinberg and was taken aback when Bini gifted him flowers.

Drama surrounding Ari’s parents’ visit

Ari and Bini’s nerves about him meeting her parents weren’t the only thing bothering the couple. Bini revealed to Ari that he had to work the night that her parents arrived.

Ari was very upset Bini wasn’t able to spend the whole night with her parents. Additionally, she has been suspicious of him texting other women and using his job as a singer to flirt with other women.

Before discussing Ari’s parents’ arrival, she aggressively attempted to steal his phone to go through his text messages.

Ari used her parents’ visit as an opportunity to hash out her issues with Ari leaving the house without telling her and not being around to help with the baby.

Additionally, Ari almost had to relive the sacrificial sheep controversy when Bini picked out a chicken for them to eat. All three protested, and Bini eventually gave in and let the chicken go.

Overall, the episode revealed some significant fragments in their relationship they need to overcome if they want their relationship to last.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Sundays at 9/8c on TLC.

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