Dorinda Medley thinks RHONY fans ‘would have loved to witness’ her return to the show and redeem herself

Former RHONY star Dorinda Medley.
Former Real Housewives of New York star Dorinda Medley’s last season with the franchise was a rough one. She says fans would have liked to have seen her redeem herself. Pic credit: Bravo

Former Real Housewives of New York star Dorinda Medley had a rough ride during her last season with the franchise. By the end of the season, many fans were frustrated with her drinking and her treatment of some of the other Housewives, including Tinsley Mortimer.

Unfortunately, Dorinda’s exit from the show was not by her own choice. And while some RHONY fans say it was about time for her to exit the show, others were hoping that she would get the opportunity to come back next season and redeem her actions from Season 12.

Speaking with Us Weekly correspondent Christina Garibaldi, Dorinda admits that it would have been nice to have a chance to make things right.

Dorinda says fans would have loved to ‘witness’ a comeback

Dorinda’s exit from RHONY was a big step for the franchise. And although it provided the show with the opportunity to add a new housewife, Eboni K. Williams, it removed Dorinda’s opportunity to alter her reputation.

Christina asked, “Did you feel like, almost, it was a disservice by not letting you come back and kind of, not redeem yourself, but like, you know, like show that you were in a better place?”

She recalled that last season was hard for Dorinda and that she remembered “it was a hard season” for her “for so many different reasons.”

“I think they’ve [Bravo] allowed many of the other [Housewives] the opportunity. And, you know, it’s not – and I’m not being negative about it – but I do think that is the glory of a Housewife. The rise and fall and the rise again,” Dorinda explained.

She continued, “People love that they get to watch that process. I think the audience would’ve loved to have witnessed that. But they [Bravo] made that choice and that’s fine.”

Dorinda is glad to not be filming RHONY during coronavirus pandemic

Although fans may have reveled in a good comeback story, Dorinda admits that her firing wasn’t all bad news.

“And in a weird way, maybe it was better I just didn’t,” she said. “Maybe it’s better that, you know, I would’ve had to be in New York. I would’ve had [to have been] filming during COVID[-19]. It would’ve driven me crazy. I couldn’t have done it.”

Dorinda continued to explain that the fact that some people simply don’t take the pandemic as seriously as she does would have driven her “crazy” too.

The Real Housewives of New York is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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