Bethenny Frankel gives props to Dorinda medley for admitting she was fired from RHONY while bragging that she was not

RHONY alum, Bethenny Frankel, says she told Dorinda how to handle herself after being fired from the show.
RHONY alum, Bethenny Frankel, says she told Dorinda how to handle herself after being fired from the show. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of New York City alum, Bethenny Frankel, says that fellow housewife, Dorinda Medley, reached out to her for help after she was fired from the show.

In an interview with US Weekly, Bethenny says that the two have “become even closer” and that she “really did help her through that entire journey.”

Bethenny says she told Dorinda to be honest about being fired; and Dorinda took her advice

While promoting her new podcast, Just B with Bethenny Frankel, she explained that Dorinda was the one who reached out to her.

“I was the first phone call she made after she was let go, and I kind of walked her through what I thought was the best way for her to handle herself as a womean, as an employee,” she said.

In a clip from her podcast interview with Bethenny, Dorinda came clean about being let go from the franchise.

“I was ready to go back. I was excited about going back. I was planning on going back and I thought I would have a great year. I wasn’t given that option. So, do with that as you want,” she said.

She then clarified that while Bravo explained her departure as a “pause,”she disagrees.

“For me, I’m an old fashioned girl, if you’re not waitressing and getting paid, you’re not waitressing,” she said. “So, at the end of the day was it mutual? No.”

Dorinda announced in August that she was leaving the show

After a rough ride through season 12, many fans weren’t surprised to hear about Dorinda’s departure from the show.

In a post to Instagram, Dorinda made the official announcement that she wouldn’t return for 13th season.

“What a journey this has been. I have laughed and cried and tried to Make it Nice,” she started the caption.

“But all good things must come to an end. This was a great outlet for me to heal when my late husband Richard passed away.”

She then went on to say that she has met so many people and “learned so much about myself.”

Closing out the post, Dorinda thanked Bravo and the cast, saying, “Thank you to Bravo and NBC for the incredible ride and to my cast mates for constant stimulation and entertainment. I wish you all health, happiness and success.”

According to Bethenny, most housewives get fired; but she’s the exception

Not one to miss an opportunity to brag a bit, Bethenny then said, “99 percent of the people that leave the Housewives have been fired.”

“I would be in the 1 percent,” she continued. “99 percent have been fired and kind of lie about it. And it was just good that she just walked through it and owned it.”

Bethenny explained that lying about the tough stuff takes away the opportunity to help.

“It’s okay to be broken up with. It’s okay to be let go,” she said. “You know, it’s happened to everybody. And then you’re going to actually help somebody versus just pretending something and then no one’s relating to that because it’s not even the truth.”

The Real Housewives of New York City is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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