Does MAFS star Taylor Dunklin have a new mystery man?

Taylor wears a yellow dress and straight hair on her date
Taylor gets dolled up for her date with Brandon Reid. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 10 star Taylor Dunklin may be dating again.

Taylor recently shared photos from her time at fellow MAFS costar, Katie Conrad’s wedding, and one of the photos could be a hint to Taylor’s current dating life, after bouncing back from her difficult MAFS marriage. 

Taylor and Brandon had one of the most tumultuous relationships on Married at First Sight, and their marriage utterly crashed and burned. Not only did the two receive a rare MAFS annulment, but both filed a restraining order against one another. 

Since their messy split, Taylor hasn’t been very public about her dating life and was presumably single, but perhaps that will change soon. 

Taylor’s bond with the MAFS Season 10 wives remains strong 

Once the show wrapped, Taylor appeared to be focusing more on friendships. Those friendships include the friends she made with the women in her season of MAFS. 

Taylor is on record saying that the only time she had fun filming was when she was filming with the fellow wives from her season. The ladies became so close that almost all of them agreed to get matching tattoos of the word “ten” on their fingers in order to commemorate them being on Married at First Sight’s tenth season. 

Having remained close to the ladies from her season to this day, it was no surprise that Taylor received an invite to Katie Conrad’s second wedding to her new husband, Brandon Eaves. 

Taylor has been vocal in her support of Katie and Brandon Eaves ever since the two started dating. She expressed that Katie managed to find a “good” Brandon since the Brandon that Taylor was married to on the show turned out to be far from husband material and deemed one of the worst candidates to ever be selected for the show. 

Taylor may have brought a special plus-one to the wedding 

Taylor appears to have had a lot of fun at Katie’s wedding and gushed about how gorgeous the wedding was and how grateful she was to be there to celebrate with the couple, who Taylor feels is “perfect for each other.”

In the photos Taylor posted, she and Katie posed together, danced, and showed off their “ten” tattoos. Both being dog enthusiasts, Taylor also shared a photo of her with Katie’s beloved pet, Jax. 

Notably, Taylor covered the face of the man who has his arms around her in one of the photos, using a pink heart emoji to mask his identity. 

Taylor poses with Katie and Brandon Eaves while hiding the identity of the man next to her with a pink heart emoji
Taylor hides a man’s identity with a pink heart emoji. Pic credit: @marietaylorxo/Instagram

She made no mention of the man or why she felt the need to keep his face private, but it could be likely that the two are in a relationship that she’s not yet going public about.

Time will tell if Taylor and this mystery man have found a romance of their own.

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime.  

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