Did Anna Duggar have her baby? Here’s why Counting On fans think she did

Anna Duggar in a confessional.
Anna Duggar likely had her seventh child. Pic credit: TLC

Anna Duggar probably welcomed her seventh child already.

Duggar followers have been keeping a watchful eye on social media, waiting for the announcement that Josh and Anna welcomed their daughter, but as of yet, it has not happened.

There was speculation that Anna had the baby when several of her older children were spotted at Family Alert Camp with the Duggars and Spiveys earlier this month.

Why do Counting On fans think Anna Duggar had her baby?

Aside from the kids being in Texas with the family, there was another huge clue that dropped.

When Jim Bob Duggar announced he was running for the Arkansas State Senate, he wrote he had 22 grandchildren. That means that Anna Duggar likely had her daughter at some point this month.

Jessa Duggar’s Fern was number 21 for Jim Bob and Michelle, and Jedidiah Duggar and Katelyn Nakatsu are expecting grandbaby number 23.

This theory was also noted by a popular TikToker, who spends her time exposing the family and giving snarky commentary. The bonus is that she looks like Jessa, or at the very least, looks related to the famous family.

When will Josh and Anna Duggar make their daughter’s birth announcement?

At this point, it is unclear when Duggar followers and Counting On fans will hear from Josh and Anna Duggar. She has remained quiet on social media since his arrest in April. When the announcement comes, it will have to be made by her, or Jim Bob and Michelle, as Josh is not allowed to have internet access as part of his bail conditions.

There’s no doubt that the baby girl’s name will begin with an M, as their six previous children have M names. What name it is remains unclear, as the name is typically debuted alongside the birth announcement.

Anna looked very pregnant when she stood by Josh’s side outside of the court hearing he attended a few weeks ago. It was clear her due date was near. She has been by her husband’s side throughout this entire ordeal, even accompanying him to turn himself in.

Before his arrest, Anna Duggar bought a trailer on several acres of land from her father-in-law, Jim Bob Duggar. What she will do with it remains to be seen, but speculation was she planned to move there to be with Josh and their children, as they likely knew he wouldn’t be allowed around his siblings following his arrest.

It is just a waiting game to see when Anna and Josh reveal their baby was born and what name they chose for her.

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