Did America Lopez just predict a bitter Big Brother 25 jury?

Felicia surprised on Big Brother 25
Veteran Felicia Cannon finished fourth place on Big Brother 25. Pic credit: CBS

America Lopez and Cory Wurtenberger chatted about an intriguing topic on the Big Brother live feeds.

In their discussion, America said that she now understands bitter jury members.

She might have foreshadowed how the BB25 jury will react when it decides on a winner this season.

Ahead are some spoilers from Week 11 of the Big Brother 25 season. So turn back if you don’t know about the Veto Meeting yet.

The Big Brother producers have pushed back the Veto Meeting many times this year. Rather than appearing on the same episode as the Veto Competition, many Veto Meetings are being shown on eviction night.

That will happen again during the Secret HOH Week, where Jag Bains has served as the invisible man in power.

America Lopez reacts to being on the block

Blue Kim won the Power of Veto this week. And Jag Bains won the second Power of Veto.

Blue saved herself from the block, and Jag saved Felicia. Jag then named America and Cory as the replacement nominees.

It was a blindside that caught the showmance off guard.

“I still think that the blindside was stupid. What was the point of that? To be dramatic and like hurtful?” America asked Cory.

“They wanted to be theatrical. They thought we were gunning after them. Cause we were,” Cory responded.

“Well, it’s gonna be real theatrical when I don’t vote for either of them to win at the end. I get bitter jurors now,” America finished as Cory laughed.

“I wanna hold on to this for the next 21 days,” America added.

Below is a clip from part of the conversation between America and Cory.

More from Big Brother

Seven jury members will decide on the Big Brother 25 winner.

America isn’t the only person who is upset at the entire house.

Cirie Fields stated that everyone is a stranger, snake, or vulture. If she ends up on the jury, her vote is unpredictable.

And Felicia Cannon often speaks badly about her fellow houseguests. Will she overcome that bitterness if she is sent to the jury house?

Some Big Brother fans don’t believe in a bitter jury and that it is just part of the game to manage the jury. But many of the BB25 cast members have been horrible at jury management.

Cory Wurtenbeger said he played harder than any houseguest this season, raising some questions about his gameplay.

Michael Bruner from Big Brother 24 recently got married. He celebrated the big day on Friday the 13th with several other former houseguests.

Michael deserves a second shot if the producers do a second-chances season.

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T cel
T cel
8 months ago

Cameron should win the house guest choice and this season was so different from other seasons did not like it