Diane T. Williams: How old is Porsha Williams’ mom and everything else you need to know about her

Diane Williams smiling with Porsha Williams and her sister, Lauren Williams
Diane T. Williams appeared on Real Housewives of Atlanta with Porsha Williams for several years. Pic Credit: @msdianeofficial/Instagram

After leaving Real Housewives of Atlanta in September 2021, Porsha Williams returned to Bravo with her own show.

In Porsha’s Family Matters, the reality star gives her fans more insight into her family. While some members, like her fiance, Simon Guobadia, are relatively new to her life, viewers met several people in Porsha’s inner circle. 

One of the former radio host’s family members RHOA fans met years ago is her mother, Diane Williams. Here’s everything to know about Ms. Diane as she makes her mark on her daughter’s new series.

Diane Williams’ age and when she gave birth to Porsha Williams

Porsha joined the RHOA cast in season 5. At the time, she was married to former NFL star Kordell Stewart. However, they divorced after her first season on the show ended. During Porsha’s divorce, viewers got to see more of her with Diane since she moved into her mom’s house. 

Throughout her time on RHOA, Ms. Diane became known as one of Porsha’s voices of reason. On the show, she often credited her mom for being supportive as she searched for a partner after her divorce.

When Porsha became engaged to Dennis McKinley in 2018, Diane fully embraced him. Additionally, she’s opened up about her experiences and age. As of January 22, 2021, Porsha’s mom is 63. 

On June 22, 1981, Diane gave birth to her daughter. Porsha was born after her mom and dad, Hosea Williams II, welcomed their first son together, Hosea Williams III. 

Diane Williams isn’t Porsha’s sister, Lauren’s biological mother 

In addition to meeting Ms. Diane, many RHOA fans met Porsha’s sister, Lauren Williams, during her run on the show. Since her sister often appeared in scenes with the former Dish Nation host’s mom, her supporters assumed she and Lauren have the same mother and father. However, Porsha and Lauren are half-sisters and were both Hosea’s daughters.

When Ms. Diane and Williams Sr. divorced, he remarried Lauren’s mom six years after Porsha was born. 

“Lauren and I are half-sisters,” the Pursuit of Porsha author said on RHOA. “We share the same dad.” 

“She’s lived with Daddy, and I more so came over on the weekends, but saying ‘half-anything’ would get you a spanking in the house,” she explained later in her confessional. 

Porsha Williams and Ms. Diane have a podcast together 

Many of the Housewives’ family members soon become famous as their loved ones’ shows continue to grow. On RHOA, Ms. Diane filmed scenes with several other castmates, including Porsha’s former BFF, Phaedra Parks. She also appeared on Porsha’s Having a Baby in addition to the Bravo star’s new spinoff. 

In November 2020, Porsha launched her podcast, Porsha4Real. According to its Sticher page, she, Lauren, and Diane “chat about love, life, motherhood, and everything in between.” 

Before they aired their project, Diane opened up about working with her daughter and step-daughter on Instagram. 

“I​​’ve always been an open book, but I have never been more unguarded and vulnerable like I have on my new podcast Porsha4Real with my daughter @porsha4real & @lodwill!!” she captioned. “I have enjoyed being able to be open and honest, loving and having lots of fun with you all on this podcast. Please click the link in my bio for 1st episode and check out all the fun and advice.”

Porsha’s mom has a boyfriend

Porsha has often shared on RHOA that Diane’s divorce from her father deeply affected her. Until Williams Sr.’s 1998, the Pampered CEO said she spent most of her childhood navigating their two households. Nonetheless, both Porsha and Diane always spoke of Williams Sr. in high regard. Eventually, her mom moved on to dating other people. 

In December 2020, Porsha showed off her mom’s boyfriend in front of her millions of followers. While posing with Diane’s man, Larry, she shared how much he means to their family. That same year, Diane posted a video of herself dancing with her boyfriend in honor of his special day. 

“Happy Birthday baby, I love you forever and a day!” she said of Larry. 

Porsha’s Family Matters airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo!

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