Derek Sherman asks Married at First Sight fans to stop hating on Katie Conrad

Derek is defending Katie online
Derek is coming to the aid of Katie. Pic credit: Lifetime/@katieecon/Instagram

Katie Conrad has taken a lot of heat since appearing on Married at First Sight. Now, an unlikely candidate is coming to her defense – her ex, Derek Sherman.

The eight-week experiment might be over, but people are still riled up, especially after the recently aired reunion.

It may have ignited another level of hatred for the 25-year-old, mental health professional.

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Reunion revelations

Several shocking revelations were made at the reunion, and they certainly didn’t put Conrad in a good light.

As if being one of the most hated cast members this season wasn’t enough, Katie decided to pair up with another hated cast member, Zach Justice.

Although we had already given away the spoiler that she had gone on a date with Justice, it was officially confirmed at the reunion.

As you can imagine, the comments were harsh, to say the least.

Did Katie cheat on Derek?

Another revelation that might have shocked fans is learning that during their marriage Katie had sex with her ex-boyfriend.

Let’s just say that all of these things — added to the fact that she was quite needy and abrasive throughout her marriage to Derek — did not make for a likable character.

And yet, Derek is the one coming to his ex’s defense against all the hateful comments.

Derek asks fans to go easy on his ex

Despite getting the short end of the stick in his marriage, Sherman is showing that he’s a stand-up guy by defending Conrad.

The fan-favorite has obviously been getting a lot of sympathy and fan support on social media but has also realized that his ex is getting quite the opposite.

He recently made a post on Instagram thanking everyone for their support and even asking fans to go easy on Conrad.

It reads in part, “please try to go easy on Katie. This was a hard situation for the both of us. I may not believe she was ready to get married but its still no reason for cyber bullying.”

He continued, “She has an absolutely amazing family and I can only imagine how hard it’s been for them, so please try to go easy on her.”

So far, it doesn’t seem as if persons are taking his advice.

Katie has turned off the comment section on all of her photos based on the constant backlash she’s been receiving.

Hopefully, she’s also staying away from Twitter, because those comments are on another level.

With the reunion now over, it’s officially a wrap for Season 10 of the popular Lifetime show.

Married at First Sight is now on hiatus.

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Kim Hynek
Kim Hynek
3 years ago

I’ve tried to get people to stop slamming Katie. They’re like sharks on a feeding frenzy. If Derek can’t stop them no one will. Derek caught the eyes of the hear nasty women because he is an Ashton Kutcher look alike, they were blinded by his looks & great personality!

3 years ago

Derek, you are a great man and how thoughtful during your eight weeks with her!
she is not a mental health worker that would qualify at the school I work in. Glad to hear she’s out of your life…you deserve better! kUDOS TO YOUR PARENTS FOR RAISING SUCH A GREAT MAN!