Married at First Sight: Katie Conrad admits that Derek Sherman ‘fit the mold’ but she still wasn’t happy

Katie Conrad says Derek fits the mold but it didn't make her happy
MAFS: Katie admits that she wasn’t happy with Derek. Pic credit: Lifetime

Katie Conrad is speaking out about her relationship with her husband, Derek Sherman, during their stint on Married at First Sight.

The eight-week experiment started rocky for many of the couples, but interestingly, Katie and Derek were hot and heavy from the get-go.

They were the only couple who admitted to consummating their marriage during the first night of their honeymoon in Panama.

However, the honeymoon phase ended after the honeymoon. When the couples returned home and had to move in together, we started to see the cracks in their relationship.

Now Katie is sharing more details about what went wrong in her and Derek’s marriage.

Katie says Derek fit the mold but…

In a new interview with Intouch Weekly, the 25-year-old said her marriage was difficult and required a lot of patience.

She said Sherman was physically her type, but “initially, I didn’t feel like Derek’s traits were what I was looking for or wanted in a partner.”

Furthermore, she said, “Not only [did he have] traits I didn’t want or like, I obviously didn’t have the opportunity to grow to like them before committing to marriage.”

Katie also revealed to the site that there were moments during the eight week-experiment where she felt like quitting.

” I just felt like our personalities and relationship needs were clashing, and it wasn’t going to work,” she said. “In the beginning, I feel like we approached the experiment as a team, and both wanted the ideal outcome — to stay married and be in love.

“But as we started to see that becoming more and more unlikely, we stopped being teammates along the way, which only added friction to the marriage.”

Another thing that added friction to the marriage was that Derek had a lot of dreams that Conrad felt were unrealistic.

Katie felt that Derek was too much of a dreamer

Throughout the season, the mental health practitioner continuously aired her concerns about her husband’s immaturity – especially as it relates to his endless list of dreams and goals, which she deemed as unrealistic.

In one episode of Married at First Sight, during a romantic dinner, a frustrated Katie listened as Derek shared his dreams of wanting to “compose a Christmas song, skydive in the tropics, and take at least eight backpacking trips throughout Asia or Europe.”

These dreams were a significant point of contention for the couple, and Conrad regularly aired her concerns.

“Derek being such a dreamer worries me a little bit because I want a man,” she said. “Like, I don’t want a little boy who’s dreaming of writing Christmas songs.”

Despite their issues, the couple chose to stay together on decision day, but have reportedly broken up since then. We won’t know the true story of what went down until the highly anticipated reunion episode.

The Married at First Sight reunion airs on Lifetime, Wednesday, April 22, at 8/7c p.m.

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3 years ago

She is all about her self !! To do Mindy like that don’t say much for her but trash !!!!

A. Blue
A. Blue
3 years ago

She is something else. She didn’t want Derek from the start. She was still in love with her ex. She is worst than trash to double cross Mindy, and go after Zack. She knows what she is. I am shaking my head.

Hope Mincer
Hope Mincer
3 years ago

She is only happy when she has her legs opened. Don’t think any sole relationship will satisfy her.

3 years ago

Katie was the immature one. Derrick is a great guy. Katie likes drama and has a jealous streak. Derrick is a great guy and deserves so much more than her. She should have been pared with Zach he is about was she deserves a liar and cheater.