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Deavan Clegg rants for 15 minutes about how awful and racist South Korea is

During an Instagram live, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star, Deavan Clegg, says that South Korea is a racist country.
During an Instagram live, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star, Deavan Clegg, says that South Korea is a racist country. Pic credit: TLC

During a video on Instagram live, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star, Deavan Clegg, claims that she experienced discrimination while living in South Korea with her ex-boyfriend, Jihoon Lee.

Deavan claims that Korea has crazy laws

Deavan starts by talking about how Korea doesn’t have the same discrimination laws that the U.S. does. She then gives an example when a follower questions what she’s talking about.

“Let’s say I go to a restaurant, right?” she says. “I have my camera out, let’s just say that. And they say, ‘oh, you can’t come to our restaurant because you’re white, or you’re a foreigner, or you’re because you’re black’. Anything besides Korean.”

She continues to explain that if she were to capture this encounter on her camera and post it online, that she would face jail time for defamation.

“The law here is so strict. I would go to jail for seven years,” she says. “Even though I have proof. But that’s this law here. They passed this really crazy law here, like, two years ago.”

She goes on to say that South Korea takes this very seriously and if your post causes damage to that business, you would face jail time.

Deavan says that even Korean television crosses the line

“Go on YouTube,” Deavan instructs her followers, “Korean TV, holy s**t. They’re always just making fun of African Americans. All the time. Like, it’s f**ked up.”

She then describes a show she’s presumably watched, stating, “There’s one TV show where they actually painted their face black, dressed hip-hop style, and were saying the N-word and s**t, being funny.”

“If you’re actually here, holy s**t. People are f**king…it’s bad,” she says.

She claims that discrimination also applies to those who are part Korean.

“Even if you’re half Korean and half whatever. If you’re a halfie, they’re going to treat you like s**t,” she says.

Deavan claims Korea is racist

Deavan says that K-pop (Korean pop music) takes inspiration from hip-hop music, which she finds hypocritical.

“They are so racist,” she says. “It’s so sad. It’s so freaking sad.”

She then tells a story about a man who was raised in Korea. She claims that he is turned away from many businesses simply because he “looks white and not Korean.”

The rant doesn’t end there.

Deavan then goes on a long-winded story of how Korea owes foreigners for helping their economy.

She claims that tourists come to Korea because they love K-pop and that they bring “billions and billions” of dollars into the country.

Deavan thinks that Korea should be more thankful to its tourists

Deavan then uses her home state of Utah as an example. She says that if people wanted to come to Utah to see the Grand Canyon then the residents of the state should be thrilled and ecstatic to show the tourists.

“I’m not going to be like, ‘I’m so sick of all these people from California, from New Jersey, or all these people from different countries coming to Utah. I’m f**king sick of it.’ No f**k – they want to go there because they think it’s f**king beautiful. Appreciate that s**t,” she says mockingly.

“I’ve just experienced a lot of f**king racism here,” she says. “and I’m getting f**king fed up with it.”

She says she doesn’t want to raise her kids in South Korea

“I don’t want to raise my kids in a society like that,” she says.

Deavan says that she doesn’t want her daughter, Drascilla, to be teased at school or raised in a society that doesn’t accept her.

It’s obvious that Deavan wasn’t a fan of living in Korea and posting this video while she was still living there just confirms it.

Although she’s now split from Jihoon Lee and has a new boyfriend, fans were shocked by her bashing of Korea.

However, it became clear that the entire rant came as a result of Deavan simply wanting to move back to the U.S.

“I need money to move back to America guys,” she says. “That’s what it is. I’m just saving money. When I have money, I’m moving straight back to America. I can’t stand this s**t. I’m fed up.”

You can watch a capture of Deavan Clegg on Instagram Live below.


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  1. These people need to GROW UP and learn about the cultures and beliefs of these other countries….STOP trying to bring YOUR beliefs into THEIR country! SO aren’t going to change them clown!!!!


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