Jihoon Lee takes aim at Deavan Clegg’s new boyfriend Topher Park for acting like Taeyang’s dad

Jihoon Lee speaks out about Topher acting like a dad to his son
Jihoon is not happy with Deavan’s new man. Pic credit: TLC

Jihoon Lee stayed quiet about his tumultuous breakup with Deavan Clegg for a very long time.

But now the Korean native is speaking out, and apparently, he has quite a bit to get off his chest.

Recently Jihoon took to Instagram and shared a series of lengthy messages to clear up the speculation concerning his relationship with Deavan.

He delved into everything, including how the breakup went down between him and his estranged wife.

He talked about why and how Deavan left Korea and returned to the U.S, and he even touched on the abuse allegations regarding his stepdaughter, Drascilla.

Another issue that the single dad touched on was his son Taeyang and his relationship with the Utah native’s new boyfriend, Topher Park.

Like many 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way fans, Jihoon is not happy with Topher playing daddy to his child.

Jihoon talks about Topher and his son

Deavan and Topher have been showing off their new relationship all over Instagram, and they recently shared a steamy photoshoot with her fans.

Fans were outraged when the 25-year-old posted an image of Topher and Taeyang dressed in matching outfits.

Many people took to the comment section to bash the reality TV personality for posting the image.

As you can imagine, Jihoon wasn’t happy to see his son in the arms of Deavan’s boyfriend either. He certainly had something to say about this in his heartbreaking Instagram post.

Jihoon shared that Deavan threatened suicide if she could not return home to the U.S.

He says a month after she left Korea, the mom-of-two broke up with him, claiming he abused Drascilla. Jihoon then wrote, “A month later another man was imitating Taeyang’s father.”

He also wrote, “I felt broken without Taeyang after not being together for a year, but now another man is pretending to be Taeyang’s father and my wife’s husband.”

Jihoon Lee talks about Topher
Pic credit: @jihoonlee90ty/Instagram

Deavan flaunts new bf and son on YouTube

It must be hard for Jihoon to see his son plastered all over social media with another man acting as his father.

Let’s hope he doesn’t check YouTube often because they are all over that platform as well. Devan has a YouTube channel where she blogs about her daily life with her kids.

She shows family outings to the zoo, birthday parties, life at home with the kids, and lots of other stuff.

And yes, Topher is in many of the videos – often holding Taeyang and playing with Drascilla – looking like one big happy family.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way returns on Monday, Oct. 11, at 9/8c on TLC.

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