Jihoon Lee says Deavan Clegg threatened suicide if he didn’t let her take Taeyang to America

Jihoon Lee says Deavan Clegg threated to commit suicide
Jihoon says Deavan threatened suicide. Pic credit:@masterofblackjack/YouTube/TLC

The drama between estranged couple Jihoon Lee and Deavan Clegg continues to heat up on social media.

For the most part, it was Deavan spilling all the beans about her relationship with Jihoon after getting tons of backlash online.

However, recently Jihoon has also been sharing quite a bit on his social media platform as well.

A few days ago, the single dad clearly had quite a bit to get off his chest, after staying relatively quiet about his current situation for quite some time.

However, Jihoon has shared a series of posts on Instagram in an effort to clear up any accusations made against him by his estranged wife.

Did Deavan Clegg threaten suicide?

According to Jihoon’s post, that’s exactly what the mom-of-two did before she hightailed it back to America.

Before the relationship ended, Deavan was living in Jihoon’s home country of South Korea with their son Taeyang and Deavan’s  daughter Drascilla from another relationship,

However, the Utah native wanted to return to the U.S to be with her family.

It seems Jihoon was not on board with Deavan leaving the country with his son, but she was determined to have her way.

In the Instagram post, Jihoon talks about the 90 Day Fiance alum threatening to kill herself if he didn’t let her take Taeyang back to America.

Jihoon was at work at the time when he got the call from his then-wife so he went home immediately. “The next day I scratched my card and sent Deavan to America,” he said.

Jihoon also explains in the post that his parents were willing to keep the kids while the mom of two went to the U.S, but she took them with her.

Jihoon says Deavan Clegg thnreatene suicide
Pic credit: @jihoonlee90ty/Instagram

Based on the post, it seems Jihoon and Deavan were still very much in a relationship at this point.

Deavan broke up with Jihoon after returning to the U.S

He shares that a month after being back in America his wife dropped the breakup bombshell on him.

“She suddenly said that I abused Drascilla and demanded a breakup,” writes Jihoon.

These abuse claims made by Deavan Clegg have been all over the blogs lately, but the 29-year-old has vehemently denied them.

The reality TV alum hasn’t exactly gone into detail about what Jihoon has done but she’s been saying that the truth will come out soon enough.

Since then, there has been lots of speculation regarding what Jihoon Lee may have done to Drascilla.

However, the Korean native says he stayed quiet about it because he didn’t want to share all that drama on social media.

These claims have affected the couple in other ways, outside of just public scrutiny.

Recently we also learned that due to the allegations both Jihoon and Deavan have been uninvited from the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Tell All.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way returns on Monday, October 11 at 9/8c on TLC.

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