Deanna Duggar lashes out at Duggar family, reveals she was told lies

Deanna Duggar posing for camera.
Deanna Duggar insists she is not a hypocrite. Pic credit: @deanna_duggar/Instagram

Deanna Duggar and her daughter, Amy Duggar King, have spoken out about Josh Duggar since his most recent legal trouble came about.

They are no longer close to Jim Bob Duggar, Michelle Duggar, or their children.

Things began to break down when the first big scandal happened in 2015. Deanna and Amy weren’t told about what Josh did to his sisters, and once they found out, they confronted Jim Bob. That didn’t go over too well, so they were no longer part of the reality TV portion of their life. However, some of the Duggar sisters remained close with Amy.

When Grandma Mary Duggar died in June 2019, the funeral was filmed for Counting On. Deanna and Amy were in attendance but didn’t make the TV cut. Things fractured further there.

Josh was arrested in April 2021 on child pornography charges, and as the trial and sentencing came and went, Deanna and Amy spoke out about their thoughts without using names or specifics. Both chose Bible verses, and Deanna was less vocal and forward than her daughter, Amy.

Now, Deanna Duggar is speaking out about being called a hypocrite and sharing what Jim Bob Duggar told her regarding the family’s issues.

Deanna Duggar insists she’s not a ‘hypocrite’

On her Instagram, Deanna shared a photo of herself along with a message.


Deanna has maintained neither she nor Amy Duggar King knew the truth about what Josh Duggar did to his sisters. They have continued to live their lives and have supported Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard as they chose to take more control of their lives. Deanna and Amy teamed up to throw Jill Duggar a baby shower alongside Derick’s mother, Cathy.

Deanna Duggar reveals more truths are coming

Underneath her post in the comment section, Deanna Duggar said more about the current situation.

In one comment, she wrote, “I have already said ‘True Forgiveness Is The Key’ I forgiven and I have moved on! You find out who true family is when tragedy strikes, or serious things happen! Let people talk! Amy and I did what was right and much more will be revealed later on!!!”

Deanna Duggar comment 1.
Pic credit: @deanna_duggar/Instagram

She followed that up with, “Thank You to everyone who sent me encouraging, and uplifting comments! The ones who disagree with me you were not there when I had the conversation with a family member! I just want everyone to know I WAS SHOCKED!!! For the record I was not raised in IBLP!!! My Mother encouraged my brother and I to go to some conferences! But I never believed in it! I thought IBLP had some different beliefs! Now my Mother loved it!”

Deanna comment 2
Pic credit: @deanna_duggar/Instagram

Interestingly, Deanna also mentioned what she was told about an “ex-con” about the latest Josh Duggar scandal.

She wrote, “Yes I said ‘I wish everyone could get along’ I took a very big stand against the lies, deceit! I really would like a apology from some family members! Don’t tell me oh “it’s just a ex con”! and nothing to worry about! Really? well I see there’s no ex con, and my nephew is in prison?”

Deanna Duggar comment 3.
Pic credit: @deanna_duggar/Instagram

It will be interesting to learn what else Deanna and Amy reveal about their family. Amy has been very vocal about the NDA she signed, and until that’s null, she can’t say too much about the Duggars. It’s likely Deanna signed something similar.

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