Danielle Staub lashes out following Wendy Williams’ shade, comes for her RHONJ castmates

Danielle Staub from RHONJ
Danielle Staub clapped back at Wendy Williams and brought up claims about other Real Housewives cast members. Pic credit: Bravo

Danielle Staub, former cast member of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, has clapped back hard at Wendy Williams after the host mentioned her during her show.

Danielle also made various claims about some of her RHONJ castmates, including bringing up historic unproven allegations against Joe Gorga.

In June, Wendy Williams mentioned Danielle’s appearance on the ABC Special The Housewife and the Hustler and flashed her mugshot on the screen.

By doing so, Wendy was calling into question Danielle’s outrage over the Erika Jayne scandal and she poked fun at Danielle’s criminal past.

Wendy also went on to defend Bravo’s decision to keep Erika (and other housewives accused of criminal behavior) as part of the franchise suggesting that it’s part of the entertainment value of these shows.

Danielle Staub accuses Wendy Williams of going after her children

Danielle did not care too much for the mention on Wendy’s show and promptly took to Instagram to deliver a 21-minute live broadcast to make it known how upset she was — both for herself and her daughters.

Danielle, an admitted “pot-stirrer”, spoke directly to Wendy in the video, demanding she offer her an apology and accusing her of “ripping the heart out of my children.” Danielle believes she deserves an apology not only because she is an “OG” but because “there wouldn’t have been a Season 2 without [her] and Teresa.”

According to Danielle, by showing her mugshot from past arrests Wendy was indirectly harming her daughters.

Danielle also offered some vague threats about how Wendy’s past could resurface if she didn’t back off, and reiterated how disappointed she was with what she called Wendy’s “despicable” decision to collude with the Bravo network, who she accused of “paying criminals for the purposes of entertainment”.

The video went on in a similar vein for another 10 minutes or so, and then it took a turn around the 13:51 mark, when she began bringing up historic unsubstantiated allegations about Joe Gorga — as well as making claims about his business.

Danielle brings up historic claims about Joe Gorga

There is no evidence to substantiate the claims made by Danielle, and she offered little support for them. She said that the information had “been passed” to her by Melissa’s ex, Brian, and also came from information posted by former HuffPo contributor Chris Sosa.

During her 21-minute tirade she also name-dropped Teresa Giudice’s fraud case, the “orphans and widows” claims against Erika Jayne and her estranged husband, and Dina and Caroline Manzo — while claiming that crimes “against other human beings” shouldn’t be for entertainment.

She wrapped her video by plugging her own various ventures but didn’t sign off before challenging viewers to reach out to Wendy to “let her know” how are she believes fans are feeling. She also dropped in a fairly well-executed impression of Wendy in the video.

The tone of the video is pretty on-brand for Danielle and she pulled no punches when she chastised Williams and demanded an apology, whether it be public or private.

Although Danielle is no longer a part of the RHONJ cast, she still manages to stay in its orbit, for good or for bad, despite her protests about wanting to distance herself from it.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently on hiatus.

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