Danielle Jbali has made it halfway through nursing school and celebrated her capping ceremony

Danielle Jbali
Danielle posted pictures and videos on social media from her nursing school capping ceremony, which means she is half way through her degree.

The Single Life’s Danielle Jbali celebrated her nursing school capping ceremony and shared pictures and videos to her Instagram about the special day. This means that Danielle is halfway through her nursing degree and can start working in hospital settings now.

Danielle’s participation in nursing school was brought up several times while she was on The Single Life, and Mohamed even gave her a shoutout at the Tell All for getting good grades in all her classes.

At 47 years old, this new adventure into nursing school was a big step for the mother of four with five grandchildren, and it looks like she was very proud to share her progress of the halfway mark of her schooling.

Danielle’s friends and fellow castmates sent her congratulations and Danielle reposted some of the congrats she got from her Maryland friends and a 90 Day Fiance fan page.

Danielle shared her success on Instagram and reposted her friend’s congratulation reposts

Danielle shared a post of herself in her new nursing cap she received at the capping ceremony for nursing school. She held a bouquet of flowers and had her credentials showing on her scrubs.

She got almost 28,000 likes and 2400 comments on the post.

Danielle also opted to share the posts from her close friends and a well-known 90 Day fan page through a repost on her Instagram story.

Danielle had many people that shared in her success of making it halfway through her nursing program and she highlighted a few of the shoutouts she received.

Danielle Jblai IG story post
Danielle shared some of the shoutouts her friends and followers gave her. Pic credit: @daniellejbali/Instagram

Danielle is still a big part of the 90 Day Fiance franchise

Danielle is slated to appear on Season 2 of The Single Life where fans can continue to follow her journey to find her match and learn more about herself. She was talked about a lot last season for some of the embarrassing things she said and did, so this season should be no different.

While her ex-husband Mohamed adamantly said he was done with the show entirely, viewers know that Danielle will still be bringing him up and be affected by him.

Danielle made really good friends with some fans of hers in Maryland and from the congratulations post she received from Lexi, it looks like they will all be meeting up again next month.

90 Day Fiance: The Single Life is currently on hiatus.

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