CT Tamburello and Jay Starrett of The Challenge talk about having an elimination rematch on Double Agents

ct tamburello jay starrett the challenge on having rematch on double agents
Jay Starrett and Chris “CT” Tamburello after their elimination battle on The Challenge: Total Madness. Pic credit: MTV

In terms of shocking upsets in the history of The Challenge, many fans might put Jay Starrett’s elimination of Chris “CT” Tamburello up there on the all-time list.

Jay made a name for himself as a rookie during Season 35, aka Total Madness, when he ousted the show’s multiple-time champion during their head-to-head elimination.

Both players are on the new Double Agents season, so there is a chance that they’ll face off again, and the two competitors spoke about that possibly happening.

Jay and CT talk about having a rematch on Double Agents

There have been all sorts of extra clips rolling out as part of MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents, including various cast interview segments. In an exclusive clip recently shared on The Challenge Instagram, Jay Starrett and CT Tamburello are featured as they discuss their Total Madness elimination.

“Jay’s here, right? You know last season, upset of The Challenge century,” CT jokes at the start of the clip before highlights are shown from their clash.

“Jay beat me, but you know what? I wasn’t prepared. I got caught slipping. I know that’s probably the highlight of his Challenge career,” CT adds.

Their elimination event was called Take Shelter. It involved piling up junk in front of their opponent’s bunker door and using a chain and other objects to make it tough to get inside. After the junk was piled up, the goal was to be the first player to open your bunker door and run down a corridor to sound an alarm. Jay pulled off the surprising upset early in the Total Madness season.

“If I had to face CT in elimination again, I mean I’d go at it, give my all and try my absolute best,” Jay says. “But in all honesty, please don’t ever make me do that again. I was terrified.”


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CT also made it seem as if he isn’t looking for any sort of rematch to prove himself against Jay on The Challenge.

“I’m moving forward,” CT said. “I’m thinking about another win. I’m not thinking about trying to get revenge on Jay. It wasn’t like he did anything maliciously against me. He just, you know, took the hand he was dealt and played it the best way he could and he came out on top.”

Of course, CT also said he doesn’t believe Jay would repeat that success if they end up in another elimination.

Jay’s elimination events on Total Madness

As viewers saw, Jay Starrett was the sacrificial rookie early on The Challenge: Total Madness, getting sent in for the first several men’s eliminations. He was victorious in his first, eliminating fellow rookie Asaf Goren, and then shocked everyone with that win over CT Tamburello.

However, he’d end up going against a stronger opponent in Rogan O’Connor, someone who also had a bit of a grudge with him on Total Madness. That was due to Jay’s flirting with Rogan’s former girl, Dee Nguyen.

Jay could not fully compete in his elimination against Rogan, due to getting knocked out early in the event. After being checked by the med team, he was deemed unable to continue and sent home.

Even with that, he proved himself to be a tough competitor in his rookie season. Now he’s back for more on Double Agents and teamed up Challenge veteran Theresa Jones, so it should be interesting to see who he faces off with when he gets to his next elimination.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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