Did Jay break his arm on The Challenge? Here’s what happened with his injury and if he’s OK after Total Madness episode

jay starrett injury on the challenge total madness episode 5
Jay had many people worried after The Challenge: Total Madness injury. Pic credit: MTV

After the latest episode of MTV’s The Challenge: Total Madness, many viewers are wondering if Jay broke his arm during a scary moment on the show.

For those who have yet to see it, and even those who saw what went down, there will be some minor spoilers to follow.

In the latest Purgatory elimination, it was Jay Starrett once again being voted in by his fellow castmates. He’s already earned two Red Skulls, but that only means he can run a final. It doesn’t mean he can’t be in elimination, again, and again, and again.

That was the case, and he appeared to suffer a major injury during the event. So did Jay break his arm on The Challenge Episode 5, and is he OK after the injury?

Jay goes into third Purgatory elimination

Viewers have seen former Survivor star Jay Starrett overcome two eliminations already. His first was on the first episode of Total Madness against fellow rookie Asaf Goren. However, just a few weeks ago, CT attempted to earn a Red Skull, only for Jay to knock him out of the running.

However, Jay appeared to literally get knocked out and possibly have his arm broken in his third elimination. This time, it was none other than his biggest rival, Rogan, who asked to be sent into elimination by the Tribunal so he could take him out and get the Red Skull.

Jay didn’t seem to have any problem with facing anyone who wanted to take him on. He probably shouldn’t have demanded Rogan as his opponent at Purgatory, because of how physical the elimination was.

It was the classic Balls In, where competitors try to score a ball into a barrel in the middle of a large circle. One player is on offense trying to score, while the other tries to stop them on defense. The first to score three times wins, while the loser is eliminated.

Of course, TJ upped the craziness of this elimination when he revealed it had its name changed to On Fire. With that, the ball the competitors would try to score was going to be set on fire.

While Jay was first on offense and made a move, he froze, and that allowed Rogan to grab him and slam him to the ground, hard.

Jay stayed down after it happened, and other Challenge competitors looked on from above in horror. Some mentioned that Jay appeared like he broke his arm, or was wheezing. Josh even said he thought Jay was “dead,” which he obviously wasn’t.

What happened to Jay on The Challenge?

Episode 5 ended on a cliffhanger with Jay barely able to move, and a first-person bodycam showing him fall face-first into the dirt. As of then, nobody had any idea if he had a severe injury and if he would continue to compete in the elimination.

Based on spoilers from an EW interview, Jay said he didn’t break his arm during the show.

“I definitely took a hard fall, and I hit my head pretty hard,” Jay told EW. “And that’s why I know that the producers and all them were concerned. In my mind I was like, ‘F—, I want to keep going. I want to keep battling.'”

Jay didn’t reveal in that interview whether he kept going in the elimination or what his fate was.

However, on his private Instagram page, Jay was watching the episode and giving some commentary, including “I’m home.” It’s unknown if that was a clue since the show has already filmed and most competitors are watching while quarantined in their homes or elsewhere.

Either way, Jay has proven in just his first season of The Challenge that he’s one of the new competitors to watch out for in future seasons.

The Challenge: Total Madness airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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3 years ago

I’m going to get attacked for this, but, The Challenge is getting out of control. The players must sign some kind of agreement not to sue when insured…. or killed! There should be some rules. Boxing and wrestling have weight categories. Who in the world even thought for one minute that Rogan, the monster would not beat little Jay to a pulp. Some things are so unfair, it’s not even fun to watch..

3 years ago
Reply to  Thomas

I agree- that was disgusting. Rogan went WAY to far.