Who went home on The Challenge: Total Madness Episode 5 tonight? Elimination results feature big rivalry

the challenge total madness episode 5
Another competitor went home in a Purgatory Elimination on The Challenge: Total Madness. Pic credit: MTV

On The Challenge: Total Madness Episode 5, we saw the competitors return back to the bunker after the latest Purgatory elimination as they prepared for more competition, drama, and the next elimination.

In the previous episode, it was Dee eliminating Ashley. In the new episode, one of the male competitors would get ousted from the game.

Here’s what went down and who went home on The Challenge: Total Madness Episode 5 tonight.

Bear keeps flirting, Jordan argues with Wes

One of the themes in the early part of the new episode was Bear trying to get with Kailah despite her having a boyfriend back home.

Jenna called her boyfriend Zack, who she met on The Challenge six years ago. She had him confirm that they’re still a couple.

Meanwhile, Rogan recapped who has Red Skulls so far. It’s Jenny, Dee, and Rogan’s new rival, Jay Starrett. They are all qualified to run in the final.

Jordan and West get into a war of words after Wes and some other guys mess up the turf in the gym area. Wes brings up Jordan’s relationship with Tori which really irritates Jordan.

Jenna talks with Kailah about things with Bear and making sure she doesn’t get into trouble.

Competitors involved in crazy car challenge

The competitors’ latest challenge is called Bomb Squad. It involves teams of four. The goal is to detonate a bomb. Each person on the team has a job.

One player is looking out from the car as it drives on its side. They’ll be reading out a series of math equations on containers along the road. They’ll communicate those to player two, who solves the equation for a code. Player three runs that code answer to player four, who brings three colored rods to detonate a bomb.

Jay, Wes, Kailah, and Nany are a team. Jay’s in the car and misses out on reading the first equation on a container. His team loses quickly. However, Wes wants Jordan in elimination, not Jay. Rogan wants Jay in.

A team featuring Bananas and Bear also screws up as Bear asks Bananas to repeat the equation and he can’t.

Rogan, Nattie, Nelson, and Big T are another team. Rogan is confident he solved the equation to get the code. He rushes the answer to Nelson who sprints to bring Big T the green, yellow, and purple tubes. Rogan messed up the equation, though.

In the end, only three teams finished the challenge to detonate the bomb. The winning team was Swaggy, Josh, Kaycee, and Jenny – by two seconds.

Nominations for elimination

It’s time for the house to vote one guy into Purgatory. Wes wants everyone to pick Jordan, but the easier choice is rookie Jay.

Once the whole group gets together, Wes burns his vote by saying Kyle’s name. A bunch of votes go toward Bear, but also toward Jay. In the end, its Jay going in for elimination fora third time. He’s not happy and calls out the other competitors for playing a “scared game.”

Rogan meets up with Josh and Kaycee when everyone’s out enjoying their night. He tells them if the elimination is a physical one, he wants in.

Later that night, Kailah and Bear make out in a bathroom with the cameras rolling.

The winning team of Josh, Swaggy, Kaycee, and Jenny is the new Tribunal. They select Wes, Nelson, and Rogan for interrogation ahead of Purgatory.

Who went home from Total Madness tonight?

Jay goes down to Purgatory to join TJ. Rogan makes a strong case as the one to face him and he gets his request granted.

They do battle in the classic elimination game Balls In. The two competitors have to try to get a ball into the basket in the middle of the circle. Whoever doesn’t have the ball has to try to stop the other competitor from scoring. The first competitor to score three times wins. The loser goes home.

TJ announces a twist. The game is called On Fire because the ball is lit on fire before the competitors carry it. They’re wearing protective gloves and suits, of course.

Jay is on offense first. They light the ball on fire. Jay makes a move but Rogan stops him. He quickly slams Jay outside of the circle. Jay isn’t moving and everyone is worried that Jay broke his arm.

That’s how it ends, and, for now, viewers have to wait until the next episode to see who goes home.

The Challenge: Total Madness airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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