Counting On: Jason Duggar flys with Jeremiah Duggar to Buffalo

Jason and Jeremiah Duggar.
Jason and Jeremiah Duggar flew to Buffalo for flight training. Pic credit: TLC

Jason Duggar is getting some flying time in with his brother, Jeremiah Duggar.

The two presumably flew from Arkansas to Buffalo, New York.

Piloting appears to be a big deal among the adult Duggar boys. John-David Duggar is also a pilot, and now Jeremiah and Jason are getting into the aviation game.

Jason Duggar shares flight information

On his Instagram story, Jason Duggar shared photos from his flight training with Jeremiah Duggar.

Based on what the Counting On star shared, it looks like Jer is instructing Jason. He called it “flight training” in the snaps he shared.

Jason Duggar's IG snaps.
Pic credit: @jaseduggar/Instagram

It isn’t clear how long Jason has been flying, but it appears he is following in the footsteps of at least two of his brothers. Jeremiah has been flying for a few years now. He was the one who helped with John-David Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett’s gender reveal with Gracie.

What have Jason and Jeremiah Duggar been up to since Counting On was canceled?

Jason Duggar has been all over the place. Most recently, he was spotted hanging out with the Spiveys at Family Alert Camp in Texas. Hilary Spivey, Claire’s mom, shared several photos from the event with Jason present in them.

He has been traveling a lot, visiting Jinger Duggar a few months ago and even taking in an MLB game. He and James Duggar did some sightseeing while in California.

As for Jeremiah Duggar, he has been keeping things more low-key. He is rumored to be involved with Hannah Wissman, though that has not been officially confirmed. It’s been long-running speculation that he is courting her. The two were linked last fall when rumors of his twin brother, Jedidiah Duggar, courting surfaced.

For the most part, the Duggar boys aren’t overly active on social media. They share adventures, like their flight to Buffalo, but as far as personal details, they aren’t for public consumption.

Jason didn’t specify whether he and Jeremiah would be spending a long time in Buffalo or if they were there for a short while before flying back home to Arkansas. It looks like most of the Duggars are back home as Family Alert Camp has come and gone.

The Duggar brothers enjoy hanging out together, and it looks like there will be more flights between them in the near future since this one appears to have been a success.

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