John Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett share adorable family photo with baby Gracie to promote fall dresses

John Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett
John and Abbie Grace share their lives with their Counting On followers. Pic credit: @johnandabbie/Instagram

There’s no doubt that John Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett’s daughter Grace is one of the cutest Counting On grandkids, so it’s only natural that they show her off when they really want to get their fans’ attention.

The Counting On couple did just that recently when posting some seriously cute family photos to Instagram in an effort to not only share what they’ve been up to lately but also to promote fall dresses from One Loved Babe.

Now that Counting On has been canceled, there have been many questions about how the Duggars will be able to financially support themselves and promoting other companies on social media is among the sources of income for quite a few of them so this isn’t a huge surprise.

A Duggar family photo

If not for the caption, it would be hard to tell that John David and Abbie Grace’s recent collection of photos was there to promote anything. The first photo in the series just shows the three of them posing together with John David decked out in a tan suit jacket that coordinates perfectly with his button up shirt.

Abbie Grace is wearing a dress but only a very small part of the floral number is showing due to the closeup shot and having to share the frame with two other faces.

And, of course, there’s little Gracie, looking cute as ever while wearing a sleeveless denim dress with frills on the front and a red and white polka-dotted bow in her hair.

The second photo shows off all of Abbie Grace’s long floral dress as she poses without John David but with Gracie. It’s Abbie’s dress that is being promoted here, with One Loved Babe being a clothing boutique for women. Those who use the code in the caption that reads “I love ?falling?for you! ? —— code-abbie15 @onelovedbabe#falldresses” can enjoy a discount on their purchases if they also want to shop for a fall-inspired dress like the one she wore.

Counting On family hits the pumpkin patch

The post is the first to come from John David and Abbie Grace in about two weeks. The last time they posted anything, it was to share pictures of the Counting On family as they enjoyed a trip to the pumpkin patch together.

In those photos, Abbie Grace wore another dress, though we’re not sure if it came from the same shop. She also matched the dress perfectly with Gracie’s adorable romper and we can’t help but wonder if she’s looking to take over the role as the most fashionable in the family.

Ever since Counting On was canceled by TLC, we’ve been seeing less and less of the Duggar family so we’re really enjoying the latest photos of John David, Abbie Grace (who some think may be pregnant) and their adorable daughter Gracie, who just melts fans’ hearts.

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