Could Celebrity Big Brother 3 still take place this winter?

CBB Cast 2019
A new Celebrity Big Brother cast could be fun to see on TV this winter. Pic credit: CBS

Celebrity Big Brother 3 is something that fans continue to debate about and discuss on message boards and social media.

People continue to weigh the disappointments that the first two seasons brought along with the prospect of getting to see a cast enter the Big Brother house for a winter 2021 season.

So far, CBS has continued to be very quiet about the potential of a new Celebrity Big Brother season, leading to understandable assumptions that the network might not want to open that can of worms again.

At the same time, there have been rumors that the network and show producers were tentatively looking into a winter season and that there was enough interest from the fans to try it again.

What is Celebrity Big Brother?

Celebrity Big Brother should not be confused with Big Brother All-Stars. While many former Big Brother houseguests are considered to be celebrities at this point, they wouldn’t be part of any CBB casts.

If the network did give the green light to a new season of Celebrity Big Brother, the 2021 cast would all be people who haven’t played the game before. Some of them could come from other reality shows, but it wouldn’t be from another season of Big Brother.

For fans who just want to see new people playing the game, that’s where a season of Celebrity Big Brother could be entertaining during the long winter months. Since it would also be a shorter season, it wouldn’t require that much time invested by the CBS viewers.

Could Celebrity Big Brother still happen in winter 2021?

Time is running out for a new season of Celebrity Big Brother to work this winter. The first two times that we learned about a season of Celebrity Big Brother coming out, we got months of advance notice.

Before CBB 2 debuted on CBS in January and February 2019, the announcement had been made in May. So, yeah, we are nearly out of time for a positive announcement to be made and for a season to get pulled off in February 2021.

At the same time, it’s not too late. There are a lot of celebrities who want to play the game, including a star of The Bachelor who has befriended other Big Brother houseguests.

We will continue to hold out hope that Celebrity Big Brother hasn’t been canceled for good, but that hope is only hanging on by a thread now.

Big Brother 23 still on the horizon

The summer version of Big Brother has already been approved and the work on putting together the BB23 cast is underway. We will definitely get a new season of the show for summer 2021, but it’s going to take a while to arrive.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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