Cory does Big Brother deep dive, names the best player, chats about America leaking info, and much more

Cory as the BB25 HOH
Big Brother 25 castaway Cory Wurtenberger finished eighth place. Pic credit: CBS

An extensive interview with Big Brother 25 alum Cory Wurtenberger has been released.

Cory did a deep dive on the season with Taran (from Rob Has a Podcast).

Many topics were covered, including who Cory felt was the best player, what he thought about America Lopez leaking secrets, and why Jag Bains won.

Calling the interview extensive may also be underselling it. They chatted for roughly six hours.

Cory played the game hard but finished in eighth place. He became the second member of the BB25 jury after sitting on the block next to America.

Recently, Cory had BB fans vote on the future of his mustache. He left it up to his followers to decide whether or not he shaved it off.

Now, he has had time to revisit the experience and reflect on the longest season in Big Brother history.

Cory calls Cirie Fields the best player on Big Brother 25

“I want to be very clear. I think Cirie was the best player of the season. I think she’s probably a top-10 reality TV player of all time,” Cory told Taran.

“From what I found out after the show, she’s even better than I thought she was,” Cory added.

The video clip below has Cory speaking even more about Cirie during the interview.

America’s favorite Big Brother player reveal made Cory nervous

The interview wouldn’t be complete if Cory didn’t speak about America. Cory frequently talked about America, and, at one point, he revealed America’s favorite Big Brother player.

She named Alison Irvin from Big Brother 4. Alison finished as runner-up to Jun Song that season and was invited back for Big Brother: All-Stars (BB7).

Cory also told a story about when America told him how awesome it was that Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes were on the block together, and she “sold him out.”

The full interview for Cory and Taran

Below is the full interview that Taran had with Cory Wurtenberger.

For any fans of Cory, it is well worth watching — even if it does have an extremely long run time.

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