Cory Wurtenberger asks Big Brother fans to decide fate of his mustache

Cory BB25 Finale
Big Brother alum Cory Wurtenberger grew a mustache while playing the game. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

America Lopez convinced Cory Wurtenberger to grow a mustache in the Big Brother house, and he went for it.

Cory sported the mustache for most of the Big Brother 25 season, but he gave the fans power over it this week.

In the video from loved ones to the BB25 jury, Cory’s mom shaded his mustache. It might have been the first time Cory heard something negative spoken about it.

When he emerged from the house, Cory may have seen unflattering comments from many Big Brother fans.

No matter the reason, Cory created a social media poll to let his fans decide whether or not the mustache should stay.

Big Brother fans respond to Cory’s poll

“I’m giving y’all real power. Don’t screw it up,” Cory wrote on a social media poll.

Fans could vote for Cory to “shave the mustache” or “let it ride” in the poll.

The final results are showcased below, with 62.2 percent of respondents telling him to shave it.

Cory Mustache Poll
Cory asks Big Brother fans about the stache. Pic credit: @corywurtnberger/Twitter

Cory’s brother and America respond to the poll

“‘Shave it’ is winning?!!!!!!’ America asked on the poll.

She appeared to be dismayed by the results.

“The people saying to keep it hate you,” wrote Zach Wurtenberger.

Cory’s brother has been against the stache from the beginning, and he didn’t hold back from commenting.

Responses to Cory
America and Zach comment on Cory’s poll. Pic credit: @corywurtnberger/Twitter

Big Brother fans addressed by Cory after the poll ended

When the poll ended, Cory addressed his followers again, possibly sharing his disappointment.

“This was a test and you all failed,” Cory wrote.

“Fake fans,” Cory lashed out.

“We’ll shave it on IG live when America comes down to Florida,” Cory later added in a third comment.

Cory Mustache Test
The BB alum might be upset with his fans. Pic credit: @corywurtnberger/Twitter

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