Cliff Hogg from Big Brother 21 talks about how house can be ‘claustrophobic’ and what the ceilings look like

Cliff Hogg BB21 Jury
Cliff Hogg was a member of the BB21 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Cliff Hogg III was a member of the Big Brother 21 cast and played the game for most of the summer 2019 season.

As such, Cliff knows the Big Brother house inside and out, and he recently shared some of his thoughts on what it was like to live there for an entire summer.

For viewers who may need their memories refreshed about who Cliff was on the show, he started the season as a 54-year-old petroleum engineer from Houston, Texas. He would also often be seen wearing his cowboy hat as he played the game.

Cliff finished in fourth place on the BB21 cast and was one of the three finalists to possibly win America’s Favorite Houseguest from the fans. He was in a close alliance with Nicole Anthony that summer and he voted for Jackson Michie to win the $500,000 prize.

Cliff talks about Big Brother ceilings, claustrophobia

A fan of the show recently posted a question on a Reddit page in regard to what the ceilings look like in the Big Brother house. It’s something that is never shown on the CBS episodes and very rarely makes it on camera through the Big Brother live feeds.

“Ceilings in most rooms are your standard foam board insulation type like you see in offices. But painted black and obviously with cameras, mikes, lights, etc. hanging down. In the kitchen and living room, the ceiling is super high to accommodate the loft and 2nd story balcony,” Cliff Hogg left in response to the fan question.

“In some spaces, where lights hung down and such, you could see through gaps in the ceiling and see the actual chicken wire and insulation of the underside of the soundstage roof that the house is built inside of,” Cliff elaborated.

Later, on the same page, Cliff also addressed whether or not the houseguests get claustrophobic while being surrounded by all of the cameras and if it was difficult to not be able to go into the backyard each day. Some fans were unclear how long the houseguests get locked inside the house between moments of freedom for the pool, sun, and pool table.

Cliff wrote, “We ARE locked in for days. Typically the backyard would be closed early Tuesday morning so that HOH comp could be built. And then we would get the yard back very late Saturday night or early Sunday morning after the veto comp was taken down.”

Cliff added that “So indoors 5 days out of every week! And not being able to go, or even see, outside was very claustrophobic. Hard to get away from people, air felt stale, no getting away from the indoor temp, etc. Everyone was much more on edge when the backyard was closed!”

It definitely sounds like there are some moments where houseguests get really antsy about getting locked inside the house for days on end. This could also explain why some of them act out on the feeds.

More Big Brother news

Big Brother 19 winner Josh Martinez recently confirmed why he was kicked off the BB22 cast. It ended up being a confirmation of the rumors that had crisscrossed social media shortly after his exit. It was also very similar to why Kaycee Clark got sent home.

For fans excited about a new season of Big Brother finally taking place, casting is underway for the summer 2021 season. This will be Big Brother 23 and we are hoping that things will get started in June.

Fans who want to apply to be a member of the BB23 cast can still do so online.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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