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Clayton Echard spoils whether or not he slept with Shanae Ankney

Clayton Echard
Clayton Echard teases the level of intimacy he had with Shanae Ankney. Pic credit: ABC

Clayton Echard has received lots of backlash for his involvement with The Bachelor villain Shanae Ankney, and now he’s possibly revealing just how ‘involved’ he and Shanae really were. 

The latest episode of The Bachelor saw Clayton and Shanae in a hot and heavy makeout session when she crashed his group date. 

Despite Shanae’s immature behavior and incredibly insensitive comments, Clayton still seems physically attracted to Shanae, which is why some fans found Clayton’s recent coquettish comment concerning. 

Clayton Echard spoils whether he slept with Shanae Ankney 

Clayton, who is one of the more active Bachelors on social media, had a telling Twitter exchange with podcaster and influencer Ria. 

Ria first tweeted out her disapproval of a question Clayton asked Rachel Recchia during their one-on-one date. During the evening portion of the date, Clayton questioned how someone as wonderful as Rachel could still be single.

Ria wasn’t a fan of the question and turned the question back on Clayton by tweeting, “Hey Clayton why aren’t you taken? I hate when people ask that.” 

Clayton responded to Ria’s tweet by writing, “Ria are we fighting?! Remember that one time we laughed together,” with a tear shedding emoji. 

Ria used this opportunity to amusingly see if she could get some tea from Clayton by telling him, “Don’t respond to this tweet if you banged Shanae.” 

If Clayton hadn’t responded back, it would potentially infer that he and Shanae were intimate; however, Clayton did answer back with a playful comment, writing, “Spoiler alert” with a kissing face emoji. 

Clayton’s comment implied he spoiled that he and Shanae do not in fact explore a sexual relationship this season. 

Clayton Echard tweet exchange
Pic credit: @ClaytonEchard/Twitter

Clayton Echard sleeps with multiple women from his season 

While Clayton does not seem to have slept with Shanae, previews show that he does sleep with multiple women from his season. 

Clips from the season have shown Clayton revealing to more than one woman that he was intimate with other women, which seems to devastate the women who learn of this news. 

Clayton’s sexual history has already faced some scrutiny from the public, and while some are relieved to know he was not sexually intimate with Shanae, fans still are eager to see Clayton take Shanae’s behavior more seriously and send her home once and for all. 

As Clayton learns more about Shanae’s behavior, he continues to speak out and apologize for his handling of the situation. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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  1. Shanae has the propensity for violence and is a narcissist. I would run from this kind of sociopath. She needs anger management classes. Every other word from these people including the bachelor is “Like”…”Like you know” “Like I mean”,etc. My Predictions: Gabby will be the next bachelorette, Clayton will pick Suzie, I think- and it will be a better longer life with her than Rachel (who will end up being full of ups and downs with lots of drama. Too sensitive.) Leo and Taurus are a Better match for longevity.


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