The Bachelor spoilers: Here’s why Rachel Recchia is looking like a frontrunner on Clayton Echard’s season

Rachel Recchia and Clayton Echard share a deep conversation during some one on one time.
Rachel Recchia and Clayton Echard share a deep conversation during some one-on-one time on the latest season of The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

Spoiler Alert! It’s been outed by Reality Steve that Rachel Recchia is indeed one of the final four ladies on Clayton’s season.

Viewers already got a snapshot of what’s to come for Clayton’s love story early on in the season with a very generous promo clip, but here’s what else we know about Rachel and Clayton.

Rachel Recchia is looking like a final pick for Clayton Echard

It’s no secret that Clayton likes to play favorites, even if it’s not his intention. Remember when he spent the majority of time with Cassidy Timbrooks during a group date earlier this season? Right- so it’s sufficient to say Clayton does what he pleases and follows his heart, even if it leads him astray. And then there’s Rachel Recchia… finally, good choice Clayton!

So thanks to Reality Steve we know that Rachel sticks around to the final four. But we don’t know how that happens, so let’s take a look into Rachel and Clayton’s relationship.

Rachel Recchia started off strong with a hilarious entrance, and Clayton was all over it. She first sent out her ‘wing-woman,’ a much much older potential Bachelor contestant, to break the ice. Once the gig was over, she walked out and it was obvious Clayton was relieved. Not only did this show Rachel’s sense of humor and playful demeanor, but it also softened up the nerve-wracking situation and made an impact on Clayton.

Up until this point, Rachel hasn’t actually had that much screen time other than a little bit of one on one conversation with Clayton. This is all about to change, however, as she gets picked for this week’s one-on-one date. Sometimes, it’s about more than being loud, flashy, and dramatic (Shanae we see you), sometimes the good girl’s finish in the top four too, and Rachel is just so good and Clayton knows it.

Rachel Recchia gets a special one-on-one date with Clayton Echard

“Rachel’s special…she makes me really just forget about everything else that’s going on. I haven’t had these feelings in a long time.” Clayton gushes in a preview of this week’s episode.

It is refreshing to see Clayton fall for Rachel, as she has proven time and time again that she is sincere, kind, and here for the right reasons. It’s no secret that Clayton is an honest, vulnerable man and for this reason, Rachel and Clayton’s chemistry is undeniable. Here’s what we know so far about their one-on-one date.

In this week’s sneak peek, Rachel and Clayton get real with each other over dinner.

“There has been one thing on my mind that I wanted to bring up…the more I talk to you, kinda the more confused I get and the more questions I have. I’m wondering how a woman as beautiful as you, with this bada** job that is just so kind, I’m wondering how you’re here?” Clayton tells Rachel.

At first, she is genuinely concerned as Clayton fumbles over his words in this question, but then she softens when she realizes all he’s trying to do is tell her how he feels. Obviously, she gets the rose and everything is red as roses between them.

For now, this is all Bachelor Nation has to go on about Rachel and Clayton’s relationship. To follow their love journey, stay tuned to this season of the Bachelor and, of course, for all those curious viewers out there, it wouldn’t hurt to check out Reality Steve either.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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