Clara Berghaus reveals who got the dog after MAFS divorce

Clara Berghaus reveals who took custody of the dog she shared with her ex-husband.
Clara Berghaus shares who took the dog after divorcing Ryan Oubre. Pic credit: @claraberghaus/Instagram

Clara Berghaus just revealed who got custody of the dog after her split from Ryan Oubre.

The MAFS Season 12 couple navigated a challenging relationship as they struggled to communicate and build trust amongst one another.

When Decision Day came around, they felt enough progress was made to stay together and see if they could make things work for the long haul.

Unfortunately, shortly after their season aired, the two announced their separation and plans for a divorce.

Their split caused multiple issues including Clara’s fight to drop Ryan’s last name from her social media handles.

The dog they adopted during their marriage also became the topic of a few arguments. In the end, Clara walked away as the sole provider to the puppy.

MAFS alum Clara Berghaus says she kept the dog after divorcing Ryan Oubre

In a recent TikTok video, Clara addressed the custody issue of the dog she once cared for with her ex-husband, Ryan.

Clara’s dog, Miska, got caught in the middle of her owner’s sudden split. According to Clara, she took on all the responsibilities of caring for the blue-eyed husky after the couple decided to end their marriage.

In the video, Clara says she was open to splitting custody with Ryan, but he told her he did not want to see either of them again. This led to Clara becoming a single dog mom, which she seems to be enjoying.

Clara tells fans Miska is just shy of turning 5, and that she loves having her so much that she even refers to her as her child.

It seems the husky may have been one of the best takeaways from Clara’s marriage to Ryan.

Clara Berghaus is best friends with Virginia Coombs

During her time on the show, Clara connected with many of her cast mates, however it was Virginia who quickly became her bestie. The two often talked to each other about their marriages and encouraged one another during the tough times.

Now that both ladies are divorced, they’ve supported each other as they’ve embraced the single life again and have created some memories along the way.

They’ve done everything from traveling, dressing up for a night on the town, and attending sporting events together. Both women have expressed their appreciation for the other and have shared their gratitude for their friendship.

All the couples from Season 12 have now split up, except for Vincent and Briana. The two recently announced they are expecting their first child together. Their news garnered congratulatory messages from many MAFS alum, including their season co-stars Clara and Virginia.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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