MAFS: Best friend duo Virginia Coombs and Clara Berghaus get stylish for night out

Best friends, Virginia Coombs and Clara Berghaus have a girl's night out in Atlanta.
Clara Berghaus and Virginia Coombs enjoy a night out together. Pic credit: @meet_virg_/Instagram

Married at First Sight alums Virginia Coombs and Clara Berghaus may not have found their happily ever after on the show, but they found each other.

During filming, the women became close as they navigated the ups and downs of marrying a stranger and became part of each other’s support systems.

When the show ended, their friendship blossomed even more, and now the two ladies have become the best of friends.

In addition to helping one another get through their heartbreaking divorces, Virginia and Clara have become travel buddies and have also grown to love a good girl’s night out.

They’ve been spotted on multiple occasions hanging out together and creating life-long memories as single women.

Recently, the two got all dressed up and shared a few pics of themselves ready to enjoy a night out on the town in Atlanta.

Virginia Coombs and Clara Berghaus are looking to expand their circle of friends

Before the two ladies headed out to enjoy their night, they took a moment to snap a few pics together.

Their outfits complimented each other well, as they both wore light-washed jeans and nude-colored shoes. Clara wore a hot pink top, while Virginia completed her outfit with a floral print crop top.

The pics show them both laughing and clearly enjoying their time together.

In her caption, Virginia let it be known that the besties were looking for more friends to hang out with. She wrote, “Taking applications for a best friend duo to ruin the rest of our summer.”

In the comments section, Clara chimed in with a few more requirements for their new friends. She said, “+10 points if you have a boat, -1000 points if you’re a Gemini.”

Clara Berghaus comments on Virginia Coombs' post about their friendship.
Clara jokingly comments on Virginia’s post. Pic credit: @meet_virg_/Instagram

It’s not clear how serious they are about letting new members into their best friend’s club. However, it is clear that Virginia and Clara have a great time with one another and value their friendship.

Virginia Coombs and Clara Berghaus are single again

Virginia and Clara were featured on Season 12 of MAFS, where sadly only one couple is still together.

Despite agreeing to stay married to their partners on Decision Day, both women are now divorced and are embracing their single status once again.

Last summer, Virginia announced her split from Erik Lake. The two just could not find balance between their polar opposite lifestyles and different hopes for the future. They also could not find a communication style that worked for them.

Shortly after Virginia and Erik announced their divorce, Clara and Ryan Oubre did the same. The news was shocking for some fans who were hopeful the couple could make things work. Unfortunately, they could not overcome their obstacles and chose to end their marriage.

Now, both Virginia and Clara are ready to date again but admit they are taking things slow and just want to have fun before jumping into another serious relationship.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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