Virginia Coombs and Erik Lake divorce official: Married at First Sight couple legally done with marriage

MAFS Virginia Coombs smiles at her new husband Erik Lake
MAFS Virginia Coombs smiles at her new husband, Erik Lake. Pic credit: Lifetime

Well MAFS fans, it’s official. Erik Lake and Virginia Coombs are legally divorced.

On June 29, the now-former MAFS couple filed an uncontested divorce through Erik’s attorney, and today that divorce was finalized.

Erik Lake and Virginia Coombs are just one of four couples to call it quits on or after Decision Day for the Season 12 season in Atlanta.

The couple started off with such promise

The couple and the season had started off with so much promise. Erik and Virginia’s immediate connection was obvious to fans, and the two’s wedding day was filled with smiles, laughter, and instant chemistry.

The pair kissed and embraced each other with no sign of awkwardness, their connection looked natural and the two both stated how comfortable they immediately felt with each other.

The couple met each other’s family and posed happily for post-wedding photos together.

All signs were pointing towards a successful marriage and a happy couple.

The couple’s honeymoon brought trouble in paradise

But it soon became apparent the couple’s eight-year age gap and lifestyle differences were going to be a bigger problem than anyone had predicted.

Before long the couple began arguing over Virginia’s drinking habits and “out on the town” lifestyle. The couple’s disagreements even began as early as the honeymoon when Virginia expressed to Erik she liked to go out Thursday-Sunday nights and she would want him to join her. Erik had let her know that wouldn’t be possible given his job as a pilot, and Virginia was noticeably disappointed in his response.

The arguments between the couple continued to escalate and eventually began to include everything from where the couple would live, to Virginia’s dog Rockie’s behavior.

While the couple still seemed to have good chemistry and a strong connection, many fans began to worry that there was trouble in paradise. The couple sought the advice of the relationship experts, but even with their help, the couple never could seem to reach a resolution over their issues.

The couple did decide to stay together on Decision Day, which gave fans hope that the two would continue to work on their issues and could eventually overcome them.

The couple moved in together into Erik’s condo following Decision Day and appeared in several follow-up specials and Couple’s Cam’s episodes. The two seemed happy and had even brought in a dog trainer for Rockie. Virginia stated in one of the episodes that she really didn’t go out as much anymore, and the two seemed like they were cohabiting peacefully in marital bliss.

But beneath the surface, the couple’s issues still boiled and the two finally reached their breaking point. The first hint of serious trouble was Virginia unfollowing Erik on Instagram.

Fans felt that was not a good sign, but the couple responded saying they were simply taking their relationship off social media, due to some of its toxic effects. But shortly thereafter, the couple filed for divorce, confirming fans’ and experts’ fears.

The couple’s divorce was a sad ending to a sad MAFS season

With their June 29 divorce filing, Erik and Virginia could look forward to the finalization of their divorce at the end of July as Georgia requires 30 days to pass from the time of the filing to the actual finalization.

It was a sad end to a sad season of Married At First Sight. The couple was the third in line to file for divorce, following in the footsteps of their castmates, Paige Banks and Chris Williams, and Haley Harris and Jacob Harder.

But while Erik and Virginia were one of the first to announce their divorce following the Decision Day splits, they weren’t the last. Shortly after their divorce became public, their castmates Clara Berghaus and Ryan Oubre announced their own plans for a divorce.

The news brought the couple count for Season 12 down to one lone couple, Vincent and Briana Morales.

But with the winding down of Season 12, comes the new hope for Season 13. We have seen three couples say “I do” so far and are looking forward to the remaining two tying the knot on next week’s episode.

Here’s hoping the new couple’s marriages turn out a little better than the last season’s.

Married At First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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