Clara Berghaus celebrates removing ex Ryan Oubre’s last name from her Instagram handle

Clara Berghaus
Clara Berghaus finally rids herself of the last name Oubre. Pic credit: Lifetime

Clara Bergahus has been eager to move on and enjoy single life since getting divorced from MAFS husband Ryan Oubre. 

For a long while, one of Clara’s constant reminders of her divorce was her Instagram handle, which continued to feature her ex-husband’s last name. 

Not only did Clara previously go by Clara Oubre on Instagram, but she legally changed her name to Clara Oubre. 

After the divorce, Clara found it difficult to go back to her maiden name Berghaus on the social media app due to technical difficulties. 

After lots of questions and advice surrounding her last name issue, Clara has finally been able to go back to being Clara Berghaus on Instagram and she was thrilled to finally make the change. 

Clara Berghaus excited to move on from last year’s marriage drama 

Clara Berghaus took to her Instagram Stories to celebrate finally having her IG handle changed and thank the luxury self-tan company that helped her figure out how to adjust her handle. 

Clara shared a screenshot of her IG page that boasts 100k followers, and she drew attention to her new handle @claraberghaus. 

Clara captioned the post, “Y’all I’m crying. Thank you so so so much to my friends at [Get Into The Limelight] for making this happen for me! I’m so happy to have one less reminder of last years bs.”

After a rocky marriage and drama-filled divorce from Ryan Oubre, it seems Clara has chalked up her MAFS experience to ‘bs’ that she’s ready to put behind her, starting with reclaiming her identity as Ms. Berghaus rather than Mrs. Oubre. 

Clara Berghaus IG story
Pic credit: @claraberghaus/Instagram

Clara Berghaus dating for fun and not for marriage 

Clara and Ryan have both come forward with their sides of the story about why they believe their marriage did not succeed. 

Ryan wrote a lengthy post detailing his issues with their marriage. According to Ryan, Clara’s disinterest and inability to understand his culture played a part in their marriage ending. 

Clara also publicly addressed the divorce and felt it was Ryan’s inability to overlook her candidness around sex that doomed the relationship. 

Now, Clara is living single and shared that she is casually dating for fun and not for marriage for the first time in her life.

With the past behind her, Clara Berghaus is hopeful that her future is bright after everything she has learned from her marriage and divorce. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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