MAFS: Clara Berghaus reveals she and Ryan Oubre were planning NYE vow renewal before their breakup

Clara Berghaus wears a tanktop and poinytail while looking to the side
Clara Berghaus drops hints about her shocking divorce Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 12 is deemed an overwhelmingly unsuccessful season by viewers due to the tumultuous and incompatible matches and the steady stream of divorces from the couples. 

Briana and Vincent are now the only married couple left standing from MAFS Season 12 after Clara and Ryan officially announced their decision to divorce. From Clara’s comments post-divorce, fans are beginning to speculate that she was blindsided by the breakup. 

Clara Berghaus uses music to process her heartbreak 

Clara and Ryan’s divorce news shocked fans, especially because the last time Clara and Ryan were on television they were excitedly planning their New Year’s Eve vow renewal. 

Since the unfortunate announcement, Clara has been subtly revealing her feelings about the end of her marriage on social media. She took to Tik Tok to post a video of her with an article about her divorce in the background. 

In the video, Clara states, “After an interesting turn of events, it looks like I will be relating to Taylor Swift’s recording of the Red album after all.” 

The Red album she’s referring to features many songs about feeling underappreciated by a significant other and having love fizzle out, which seems to be what Clara experienced with Ryan in their relationship. 

Even more telling is Clara’s caption on the video that pinpoints the lyric, “so casually cruel in the name of being honest.”

While on the show, many fans expressed feeling like Ryan’s rigidity was causing Clara to lose her spark and get taken for granted, but in a recent revealing interview, Clara made it clear that no man can take her spark.

However, it does seem like a man can make her feel unappreciated and betrayed, as she inferred in the comment section of her video. 

Clara’s vow renewal plans are cut short 

A fan commented on the video, expressing their disappointment in the breakup and asking Clara if they had just recently been planning their New Year’s Eve vow renewal. 

Clara responded to the comment by sharing, “Yep. If you know anyone who wants a couple hundred dollars worth of New Year’s Eve party decorations send them my way lol.”

Clara’s comment indicates that she had every intention of renewing their vows and investing money into their party and that perhaps the breakup was sudden and unexpected for her. 

Clara responds to a comment
Clara was in the midst of party planning when the divorce occurred. Pic credit: @claraoubre/Instagram

While Clara clearly seems to be trying to find the humor in the situation, it’s clear that this breakup has been upsetting for her. Clara has always been outspoken about how she loves hard and she seems to have really fallen for Ryan, especially considering she told Ryan that he was the healthiest relationship she’s ever had, so this divorce appears to be taking a particularly tough toll.  

Apart from Ryan and Clara’s joint statement about going their separate ways, there aren’t as many details about the specifics of their divorce. It’s entirely possible that the decision was mutual or even Clara’s decision, but from Clara’s hints on social media and disappointment over their canceled vow renewal, it appears that the divorce wasn’t so clean-cut. 

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime 

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Sam Spade
Sam Spade
2 years ago

Wonder if his religious family had anything to do with it, or they brought him up so uptight he couldn’t unbind and enjoy her beauty inside and out. His loss.