MAFS viewers are ‘stunned’ by Ryan and Clara’s recent divorce news, can’t believe they’re really splitting

MAFS viewers react to news of Clara Fergus and Ryan Oubre's pending divorce
MAFS viewers are stunned by the news that Ryan Oubre and Clara Fergus have split. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight fans are still in shock over the news that Season 12 couple Ryan Oubre and Clara Fergus have called it quits. The newlyweds have been through quite a bit during their stint on the show last season but they eventually appeared to beat the odds after choosing to stay married on Decision Day.

During the reunion show which followed up with the couple a few months after Decision Day, things still appeared to be going well for Ryan and Clara. They shared plans to remarry and we saw them scouting locations and planning for the big event.

However, something has changed dramatically since then because the couple has officially called it quits, leaving fans of the show stunned at the revelation.

MAFS Fans stunned by Ryan and Clara’s divorce

Married at First Sight viewers are reacting to Ryan and Clara’s recent statement regarding their split. Some people were surprised that the couple had decided to stay married in the first place. But after a while, it appeared as if they would make it work especially after they revealed plans to remarry. Sadly, that didn’t work out and now people are surprised about Clara and Ryan’s pending divorce.

One Twitter user admitted to being “stunned since I just watched their interview on the Bald and the Beautiful.”

MAFS fans comment on Ryan and Clara's split
Pic credit:@Erulastiel14/Twitter

A female commenter had to pick her jaw up off the ground after hearing the news.

MAFS viewers comment on Ryan and Clara's split
Pic credit:@AyshaLikeAsia/Twitter

Meanwhile, another MAFS viewer shared her disbelief after rooting for Ryan and Clara.

MAFS viewers comment on Ryan and Clara's split
Pic credit:@Shanice_Alsina/Twitter

In another comment, one person said she got “whiplash” from the news after seeing the couple in a recent interview.

What went wrong with Ryan and Clara ?

If social media is anything to go by, the Married at First Sight couple appeared to be getting along just fine. They posted several photos of their travel adventures and months ago Ryan penned a sweet birthday message to his wife.

Last month they interviewed with Good Day Atlanta and shared that things between them have gotten better since the camera’s stopped rolling. “It’s been fun to get into a day-to-day routine and not have to worry about the cameras,” said Ryan during the interview.

But it seems the “fun” has ended and it’s not clear what exactly happened that made Ryan and Clara decide to call it quits. In their joint statement, the MAFS stars didn’t go into any details, they simply said they’ve decided to part ways without any explanation as to why.

Hopefully, as time goes by, they will open up more about their split but for now, they have both decided to take a break from social media.

Married at First Sight Season 13 premieres on Wednesday, July 21, at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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