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MAFS Spoilers: Are Clara and Ryan still together or did they split up?

MAFS couple Clara and Ryan are still together
Ryan Oubre and Clara Fergus are still together. Pic credit: Lifetime

Clara Fergus and Ryan Oubre took us on an interesting journey this season and now fans want to know if the couple is still going strong.

At first, the carefree air hostess seemed like an odd pairing for the serious and quiet Ryan, but the duo had an instant connection upon tying the knot.

However, it wasn’t all roses for the pair after the honeymoon period wore off as Clara tried and failed to get Ryan to say the words “I love you.”

Furthermore, week after week she complained that Ryan had not consummated their marriage despite her desire to do so.

On Decision Day they both decided to stay married, but the real question is, are Ryan and Clara together today?

Ryan and Clara give update on their marriage

The married at First Sight stars recently appeared on the reunion show and gave an update on their relationship.

The couple wouldn’t share if they have consummated the marriage, but host Kevin Frazier did get Ryan to admit his love for Clara.

During Part Two of the reunion, the experts also chimed in on Ryan and Clara’s major hurdle regarding their sex life.

Dr. Viviana Coles shared, “What I was always concerned about was that she [Clara] wasn’t sharing how she felt and I was also thinking that he wasn’t open about what was really going on. We don’t care if people have sex during this process or not. What we care about is that they’re both okay with it whatever the pace is and that if they’re not okay with each other’s pace that they have a plan to overcome it.”

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Ultimately it seems Clara and Ryan did overcome whatever sex issues they had because they seemed happier than ever at the reunion– despite kept coy about the current state of their sex life.

Ryan and Clara are still together

The Married at First Sight couple had to keep their social media pages and their love for each other private so as not to give anything away. However, now that the reunion has aired, they are both showing each other off on social media.

As a matter of fact, the usually-reserved Ryan recently posted a sweet tribute to his wife on social media while she appeared to be away for work.

Fans can also check out all of their adventures on social media. In Clara’s latest post, she shared a variety of photos with her hubby and told one fan that that one photo was of her and Ryan in Anchorage.

“We just did a full Pacific Northwest vacation and it was beautiful,” revealed the blond beauty.

The couple has been getting lots of love and support from fans of the show who are happy to see their marriage still going strong.

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus on Lifetime.

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