Ryan shares sweet message for Clara, promises to keep their love story private as MAFS reunion airs

MAFS star Ryan Oubre shares love note to Clara on Instagram
Ryan Oubre pens sweet note to Clara. Pic credit:Lifetime

Married at First Sight stars Ryan Oubre and Clara Fergus are still together after a season filled with ups and downs.

The couple stayed married at the end of the eight-week experiment. But they had issues to work through.

Ryan did not seem interested in consummating the marriage. Even more concerning was Ryan never said “I love you” in any previous relationship.

These things concerned Clara, but they stayed married on Decision Day and gave an update on their marriage during the MAFS reunion.

Has Ryan said ‘I love you’ to Clara?

The Married at First Sight stars appeared happier than ever during the reunion show and even shared plans to renew their vows.

But during the sit-down, host Kevin Frazier asked the one question fans were dying to know. Has Ryan said “I love you” since the show wrapped?

Unfortunately for Clara, her husband responded, “No, but we are actively talking through it and working through it.”

However, Kevin was not having that. After lots of prodding, Ryan said, “I think I do. I love my wife.”

Viewers wanted to know one more thing. The couple played very coy with that, but I suspect they have indeed consummated the marriage by now.

Ryan shares sweet message to Clara

After the reunion aired, Ryan took to his Instagram page to declare his love for Clara. He shared a sweet photo of the two of them while the song Slow Cooker by John Legend played in the background.

“CEO, my love: what a memory to last a lifetime. No one will ever know our love story, because it’s ours, it’s a moment in time that we’ll hold on to that no one else can have. No camera, no TV, no one else – just us, the only way we would want it,” wrote the Married at First Sight star.

“This picture reminds me of when I knew we were going to go for it. Thanks for loving me on the days it wasn’t like this picture and on the days it was.”

Ryan quoted a few lines from the song, “Our loves worth waiting for. Just let it stew some more. Bring out each flavor and spice. Stir up what’s mine and yours – spill it all on the floor. I can’t help that I’m a sloooooooow cooker.”

Clara, who is a flight attendant, appears to be traveling and Ryan must’ve been missing his wife.

“Hope you read it when you land,” he added.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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