MAFS Ryan Oubre and Clara Fergus announce their plan to divorce

MAFS Clara and Ryan sit next to each other at dinner
Ryan Oubre and Clara Fergus have called it quits. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married At First Sight’s, Ryan Oubre and Clara Fergus have announced that they will be “going their separate ways” and ending their marriage.

Ryan was the first to announce over his Instagram story that he and Clara had decided that it would be best for them to end their marriage after taking time away from the cameras.

Fans and experts alike have responded in shock and surprise as there had been no rumors of impending separation, let alone divorce.

In fact, Ryan and Clara had, until very recently, been planning a vow renewal ceremony to include all their friends and family. In the show’s follow-up special, the couple was shown perusing wedding venues, planning their guest list, and making adorable homemade centerpieces for the upcoming ceremony.

Ryan and Clara Oubre announce they are ‘going their separate ways’

Ryan and Clara posted within minutes of each other the same story, word for word, on their Instagram, announcing their divorce, with Clara adding that she would be taking some time off social media to focus on herself.

It is a sad ending to what many believed was a modern-day fairytale.

MAFS Ryan Oubre announces he and Clara will be divorcing
Ryan was the first to post the divorce news on his Instagram story. Pic credit: @ryanoubre/Instagram

Ryan posted this message to friends, family, and fans over his Instagram story. Ryan expressed the couple’s contemplation over the difficult decision, saying, “it’s not an easy decision to make it, nor do we take these next steps lightly.”

The couple demonstrated a strong bond of mutual respect throughout the duration of the show, so it is no surprise to see that they both end the message by stating that they will remain friends and hope the best for one another.

Clara seconds Ryan’s sentiments in her own post and adds her additional piece of taking some time for herself and off social media. Clara has yet to change her name on Instagram, as it remains Clara Oubre.

Clara Oubre announces her divorce over Instagram story
Clara echoes Ryan’s sentiments in her own Instagram story post. Pic credit: @claraoubre/Instagram

Both Ryan and Clara start their post by saying that the decision came after taking some time away from the cameras. Many of the Married At First Sight couples have stated that things change when the cameras go away. Some say it is for the better, but many say once the adrenaline of filming and the whirlwind of production wears off, the couples often find they have little in common, or the connections they have built simply aren’t enough.

Clara says she will be taking a break from social media

It appears it is no different for Ryan and Clara. After months in the spotlight, Clara understandably follows up her story with an additional message explaining she will not be on social media for a while and will be taking time for herself.

MAFS Clara Oubre explains she will be taking some time off social media
Clara explains she will be taking some time off from social media. Pic credit:@claraoubre/Instagram

The couple started with immediate chemistry and camaraderie from their wedding day and carried throughout the season. The couple seemed to be comfortable with each other, almost from the start, and their romance was, for the most part, smooth sailing.

The couple agreed on finances, living situations, and how Ryan took over his role as doggy daddy to Clara’s dog, Miska, was the stuff of Married At First Sight dreams.

The couple did struggle with a lack of physical intimacy and Ryan’s initial hesitation to say “I love you,” but by the Reunion Special, the couple had overcome those hurdles with Ryan saying “I love you” to Clara during the interview and the couple acknowledging having consummated their marriage. So it is quite a surprise for the couple to be announcing it’s all coming to an end.

Two Married At First Sight divorce announcements in one month

This has been quite a month for Married At First Sight fans, as earlier in the month fellow Season 12 couple Erik Lake and Virginia Coombs, also called it quits and filed for divorce.

Does anyone else now have the song “Another One Bites The Dust” stuck in their head…or is that just us?

While Erik and Virginia’s split did not really come as a surprise to fans, as the couple’s public fights and ongoing issues were very well-publicized, Clara and Ryan, on the other hand, seemed like the show’s golden couple. Fans and experts alike have expressed disappointment over the news.

Hopefully, the new season of Married at First Sight that premieres on Wednesday, July 21, will lift fans’ spirits. While we wish Ryan and Clara the best, we are setting our sights forward, and we can’t wait to see what the new couples of Season 13 will bring!

Married at First Sight Season 13 premieres on Wednesday, July 21, at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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3 years ago

Glad to hear this….Clara “the control freak,” doesn’t deserve a guy as great as Ryan! One reason I never thought they would make it, nor rooted for them, is the fact that Ryan is also a Christian, and Clara not wanting her kids in church, is totally opposite of Ryan’s beliefs. In most marriages, that’s a biggie!
And Erik….SOOOO GLAD to hear, that he got rid of that “alcoholic party girl!” She would have ruined his life…can you imagine her as a MOTHER? She is nowhere near mature enough to be married…sleeping on guys couches? Partying every weekend? Grow up girl, go to rehab, then think about dating to get married!

1 year ago

I wouldn’t be surprised if Clara and Ryan just told everyone that they split just for privacy sake. Just like they told everyone that they hadn’t consummated their marriage for the same reason.