MAFS Season 12: Ryan and Clara’s vow renewal, what we know so far

Clara Oubre poses for wedding picture
Clara Oubre couldn’t be happier on her big day. Pic credit: Lifetime

MAFS’ Season 12 sweethearts Ryan and Clara Oubre plan to tie the knot again. The couple announced they are planning a vow renewal ceremony this year, and here’s what we know so far.

The couple announced the vow renewal would be held on New Year’s Eve in their hometown of Atlanta. The Where Are They Now special showed the couple touring wedding venues and tallying up costs.

It even showed Clara using her crafty side to save costs and create some of the centerpieces for the event herself. The couple stated that since the event would be held on New Year’s Eve, they would like it to feel more like “a big party.”

Clara says the couple plans to invite all of the MAFS Season 12 cast

When the Oubres first announced their impending plans for a vow renewal, there were questions about whether the whole MAFS Season 12 cast would be invited. While Ryan and Clara found their happily ever after, the other couples on the season were not so lucky.

Chris Williams and Paige Banks, easily the most dramatic duo of the season, continue their months-long saga to this day, with rumors of Chris still keeping tabs on Paige post-divorce. Chris’s temper, erratic behavior, and inability to get through even the reunion special without drama was cause for fans to question whether Ryan and Clara would want him in attendance at all.

Also, while Paige and Chris were certainly the most dramatic of the couples, they weren’t the only ones who didn’t make it to the marriage finish line. Haley Harris and Jacob Harder were another couple who ended their MAFS experience in divorce. While the couples’ fights certainly weren’t as dramatic as Chris and Paige’s, they did have their own share of disagreements, and their interaction on the reunion special was less than cordial. Although the pair’s post-divorce interaction did give fans hope that they might at least have a chance at being cordial moving forward.

But despite all the drama, Clara and Ryan did confirm they would be inviting all eight members of the Married At First Sight experience to the vow renewal ceremony. Clara stated during the Where are They Now special that if certain people did not want to be around each other at the event, they could work that out themselves.

Clara and Ryan didn’t get a full wedding due to the coronavirus pandemic

Clara and Ryan discussed in the Where They Are Now special that because of the pandemic restrictions during their on-camera MAFS wedding, they had not invited all their friends or family. That was something they hoped to be able to accomplish with their vow renewal ceremony. The couple stated it was important for them to have everyone who had not been able to share their MAFS wedding in attendance at the renewal ceremony.

It is also really no surprise that the couple might want a redo of their MAFS wedding. Clara had been noticeably upset on the couple’s wedding day, declaring that although it was her wedding day, “everything was wrong.” From the hem job on the dress to her hair, makeup, and even the blindfolds that her future hubby Ryan had proposed they wear, Clara had been displeased. No doubt, the stress of marrying a complete stranger on camera during a pandemic would also have added fuel to anyone’s anxiety fire and most likely caused the event to be initially more stressful than joyful.

If the event had caused the couple stress, they certainly never let it show post-wedding. Clara and Ryan became one of MAFS Season 12’s success stories, charming fans with their ongoing dedication and commitment to each other’s happiness and marriage. We are sure that whatever the couple ends up doing for their ceremony, it will be just as heartwarming as the duo themselves.

Married At First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21 on Lifetime.

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