Chris Williams throws serious shade at several MAFS stars during his wild rant

Chris Williams looks directly into the camera
Chris sees nothing wrong with his poor behavior and hurtful antics. Pic credit: Lifetime

Buckle up because Chris Williams has returned to social media to take viewers on yet another wild and rocky ride.

Chris William’s recently shared over 50+ posts on his Instagram story and he threw all the shade and spilled all the tea imaginable towards fellow Married at First Sight stars, including Erik and Virginia, Jamie Otis, and his ex-wife Paige. 

The controversial MAFS star began his revealing rant by reminding people that, before he built his infamous reputation on the show, he was a successful business man who came from nothing. 

He posted loads of articles acknowledging him as the first Black Subway owner in Atlanta and expressed wanting to get back to his purpose of helping people become successful in business. 

After crowing about his wealth and accomplishments, Chris proceeded to get messy and spread dirt and rumors about his castmates, while also explaining his perspective on why he was actually the most “real and authentic” on the show. 

Chris stated he’s made a hit-list of any MAFS stars who may have treated him in a way he didn’t like, threatening to drop “bombs” that could ruin the image of members of the show from his season and season’s past and warning people to not make an enemy out of him. 

Chris Williams rants on his story
Chris Williams claims he has receipts to back up his astonishing claims. Pic credit: @chriswilliamsii/Instagram

Chris accuses Virginia and Erik of being fake…again

Chris claimed that Erik and Virginia have allegedly been faking their love for the cameras and he believes Virginia does not like her husband and has allegedly filed for divorce from Erik, showing a photo that alludes to the couple filing for divorce. Erik and Virginia have not officially confirmed these claims.

Chris felt Erik and Virginia had been insincere from the beginning when he accused them of expressing “fake care” for Paige when she learned that Chris was expecting a baby during the honeymoon in Vegas. 

The wild accusations continued, with Chris suggesting that allegedly Erik and Virginia have a lot of shocking dirty laundry behind the scenes and are only staying together to receive a check from Married at First Sight: Couples Cam. 

Chris claimed that he didn’t show up to film on the second day of the MAFS Season 12 reunion episode because he knew he would have exposed Erik and Virginia if they provoked him. 

Chris threw shots at Erik as a pilot, stating he gets nervous on flights since the pilots all sound like Erik, who he doesn’t trust. He declared he will always have beef with Erik.

He also shared a screenshot of Virginia allegedly sending him a DM and called her out for telling her followers not to ask if she’s pregnant, despite her having a lot to say about Chris and Mercedes’ pregnancy. 

Chris continues his rant and calls out Virginia
Chris thinks Virginia is a hypocrite. Pic credit: @chriswilliamsii/Instagram

Interestingly, this rant from Chris occurred around the same time Virginia shared that she and Erik will be taking their relationship off social media due to its toxicity. The hateful accusations from Chris could possibly be a contributing factor to Erik and Virginia’s decision. 

Despite claiming to have dirt on everyone, including Haley Harris, Chris decided against making any outlandish accusations towards Haley, having more beef with her ex-husband Jacob Harder.

Chris takes aim at Jamie Otis

Chris has been outspoken about disliking Jamie Otis and certain comments she made about his marriage to Paige, which is why he refused to ever appear on Married at First Sight: Unfiltered. 

During his rant, Chris claimed that Jamie is one of the influencers who also received the controversial PPP loan to allegedly support her influencer lifestyle. 

He also posted a photo of Jamie and Doug on their wedding day during MAFS Season 1 and brought up the fact that Jamie wasn’t attracted to Doug when she first saw him at the altar. Chris rudely agreed with Jamie’s initial thoughts about Doug’s appearance and then proceeded to call Jamie shallow. 

Jamie and Doug Otis meet at the altar
Chris brings up Jamie’s initial lack of attraction to Doug from seven years ago. Pic credit: @chriswilliamsii/Instagram

Chris puts Paige through more turmoil

After coming for several MAFS cast members, Chris turned his attention to Paige, as if his ex-wife had not been through enough with him.

Chris claimed that he was being “tactful” about his lack of attraction towards Paige at the start, but then he heard rumors that Paige was allegedly being deceitful behind the scenes and blames that as the reason why he acted so harshly towards her and her appearance.

He accused Paige of allegedly pleading with him to still film with her so that she could receive her check and claimed that she always knew he didn’t want to get back with her but she allegedly would make it appear as though Chris still had feelings for her with the other wives. 

Chris also expressed that the lack of attraction was mutual and that Paige allegedly told Chris he was not her type either, reportedly wanting a taller and more muscular man. Chris also claims that the two were allegedly not nearly as intimate as Paige stated they were and that he feels Paige tried to “ruin” him. 

Chris rants about Paige
Chris claims that money allegedly motivated he and Paige to stay on the show. Pic credit: @chriswilliamsii/Instagram

Chris also went off about Pastor Dwight showing up to the reunion and somehow feels it was partly Paige’s fault since she didn’t warn him that Dwight would show up. Chris stated that he and Paige allegedly rehearsed what they would say at the reunion and he felt betrayed when Paige reportedly went off script. 

The subway owner remained adamant that viewers reportedly did not receive the full story when it came to Paige and her intentions. 

Chris claims he’s been approached for a spinoff show

Revealing more behind the scenes secrets, Chris claimed that he turned down plenty of interviews from top tier networks and admitted that he was allegedly offered a spinoff show after appearing on MAFS, but he wants a paycheck before agreeing to this alleged spinoff. 

Chris also takes credit for the success on MAFS Season 12, stating that the ratings dropped significantly whenever he wasn’t featured in the episodes.

Chris Williams rants on his story
Chris thinks he’s one of the best things to happen to Married at First Sight. Pic credit: @chriswilliamsii/Instagram

While some followers found this rant from Chris to be humorous and as entertaining as any show on Lifetime, it was clear Chris had people in his personal life trying to get him to cool off. He shared that a friend called him and said he has nothing to prove to people which led Chris to declare he would stop attacking castmates, however, the rant continued. 

Chris later called out viewers for their unfair treatment based on race and sex. He felt that Erik and Haley should have got called out more for their behavior on the show and also brought up MAFS Season 7 star, Mia Bally, for allegedly stalking her ex, expressing his belief that his own actions weren’t half as bad as that. 

Chris Williams calls out Mia Bally
Chris Williams thinks he isn’t as bad as MAFS star, Mia Bally. Pic credit: @chriswilliamsii/Instagram

After throwing countless shots, Chris stated that his “accountability” encouraged him to shut down the rant and so he wished everyone a good night and finally ended his lengthy attack.

With such a longwinded and brutal rant, Chris continues to show his shocking true colors.  

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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