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Chris Williams still friends with Vincent Morales, shows off photo of recent lunch together

Chris Williams sits in a white tee and gold chain
Chris Williams sits agitated in his session with Pastor Cal. Pic credit: Lifetime

While it shocked no one that Chris Williams did not make a single appearance on the MAFS: Where Are They Now special, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he has cut all ties with everyone involved in the cast.

During the MAFS special, Briana told Haley and Virginia that she and Vincent still meet up with Chris from time to time. This proved true when Chris posted a photo of his lunch with Vincent, calling Vincent his “dawg” and congratulating him on all his success.

The photo stood out considering Chris is usually no where to be found when all the Season 12 men hang out.

Vincent is one of the few cast members that Chris got along with

In Chris’s brief and often heated exchanges with fellow Season 12 cast members, it did appear that Vincent was the one he felt closest to out of everyone, so it makes sense for Vince to be one of the few that Chris still keeps in touch with.

When Chris learned that his ex-girlfriend was expecting a baby, the first cast member he told, apart from begrudgingly telling Paige, was Vince. And later, when Chris appeared to be itching to fight Eric in Vegas, Vincent was the one capable of pulling him away and deescalating the situation.

However, as time went on during the series and Chris and Paige’s relationship devolved further and further into a traumatic experience, we saw less and less of Chris and Vincent’s budding friendship until this photo of their post-MAFS lunch.

Chris and Vince sit in a booth and have lunch
Chris and Vincent enjoy a friendly lunch together. Pic credit: @chriswilliamsii/Instagram

This Atlanta cast built strong, lasting bonds with each other as the series went on, and the nine remaining Season12 MAFS stars seem to have dinners and trips on multiple occasions ever since their season wrapped.

Chris has clearly been the odd man out, with most of the cast just wishing him well in his future endeavors from afar, apart from Jacob, who noted that Chris is probably “the most hated man in Atlanta” during the MAFS reunion.  

Paige says she’s officially cut Chris off and changed her number  

While Vincent may still contact Chris, one person who has finally parted ways is Chris’ MAFS wife, Paige.

During the Where Are They Now special, Paige revealed that she’d made some major changes since the reunion. After experiencing Chris lash out towards his ex-friend and pastor, Dwight, Paige decided she’d truly had enough of Chris and changed her phone number.

Paige told her best friend, Nancy, that Chris could only reach her through their lawyers as the complicated couple prepares to officially divorce. Upon hearing this news, Nancy rejoiced along with many MAFS fans, as Nancy has been outspoken about her disdain for Chris since her appearance at the reunion.

Paige was ready to bounce back from this “horrible experience” by reentering the dating world. She pushed herself to go on a date with a friendly and funny 27-year-old guy named Styles, who was far more attentive and attracted to Paige than Chris ever was.

Despite all her nerves, Paige felt the date with Styles went well and was relieved to have a nice, lighthearted, and caring experience with a gentleman after six months of dealing with her roller-coaster marriage with Chris. She told her fellow MAFS Season 12 ladies that she and Styles even have plans to see each other again soon.

While MAFS fans still have some skepticism surrounding Paige, it was refreshing to see her get to finally enjoy herself and be respected in a romantic relationship.

Married at First Sight returns on Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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