Cheyenne Floyd says Ryder missed dad Cory Wharton so much, glad he could call home

Cheyenne Floyd of Teen Mom OG
Cheyenne Floyd of Teen Mom OG. Pic credit: Our CRAZ Family/YouTube

Cheyenne Floyd of Teen Mom OG shared on Twitter that her daughter Ryder has been missing his dad Cory Wharton a lot when he was busy filming The Challenge: Double Agents for MTV.

Cheyenne’s tweet read, “Ryder missed her dad so much while he was filming… thankful they allow him to call home! #TeenMomOG

Cheyenne shares adorable daughter Ryder with fellow MTV star, Cory Wharton, who was in Iceland last year filming for The Challenge: Double Agents. Ryder’s parents first met while competing on The Challenge: Rivals III in 2016.

Ryder’s FaceTime call with her dad was shown in a recent episode of Teen Mom OG. Ryder and her dad have a sweet relationship and Cory has been a steady presence in his eldest daughter’s life.

Cheyenne and Cory flirted a bit and according to Cheyenne, had a one-night stand which resulted in Chey becoming pregnant. She documented her story in an emotional, vulnerable YouTube video, explaining how the whole story played out.

However, she was seeing someone else around the same time, so she wasn’t certain of the father of her baby and relied heavily on her faith to guide her.

Cheyenne was initially unsure who Ryder’s father was

Ryder’s dad, Cory, didn’t find out he was the father until DNA tests came back when Ryder was six months old. Cheyenne and Cory handled the situation with poise and have been co-parenting ever since.

They even tried their hand at a relationship, which many viewers were rooting for, but it never worked out. Cory ended up dating his Ex on the Beach co-star, Taylor Selfridge in 2017 and the two welcomed a daughter, Mila Wharton, in 2020.

Cheyenne Floyd of Teen Mom OG on Twitter
Cheyenne tweeted that Ryder missed Cory. Pic credit: @itskcheyenne/Twitter

Cheyenne and boyfriend Zach are expecting a son early this summer

Cheyenne is now pregnant with her second child. She is expecting a son, who she’s named Ace, with boyfriend Zach Davis. She told E! of Zach, “He slid into those DMs. That’s how all of this started.”

She continued, “We reconnected and it was a slow reconnection, a lot of talking over food. That was the way to my heart again. We always seemed to click whenever we get back together and this time, we made a promise to ourselves to make it work.”

Cheyenne’s family was apprehensive at first about the couple reuniting because of their past. Chey and Zach have known each other since childhood and dated on and off over the years.

The couple broke up in 2018 because Zach had trouble accepting and understanding Cheyenne’s relationship with Cory. She told E! “Zach and I dated when I was pregnant with Ryder. Ryder is going to be four this year and now we’re expecting a baby. It’s definitely an overwhelming feeling sometimes.”

Cheyenne and Zach seem to be happy together and are overjoyed to welcome a child together early this summer. Fans of the show are looking forward to seeing her baby boy in future episodes.

Teen Mom OG airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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