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Cory Wharton reveals to Cheyenne on Teen Mom OG he’s leaving for The Challenge, Ryder reacts

cory wharton on new season of teen mom og
Cory Wharton paid a visit to Cheyenne Floyd on Teen Mom OG to talk. Pic credit: MTV

A recent bit of aired footage features reality TV star Cory Wharton as he tells his daughter’s mother he will be on MTV’s The Challenge again.

Basically, Cory is trying to get Cheyenne Floyd’s blessing to take some time away for the show and hoping she is on board.

The tough part of it all is that he and Cheyenne split time with their daughter, Ryder. The Challenge will take Cory away from them for several months.

Spoilers may follow for viewers who haven’t watched through the seventh episode of The Challenge: Double Agents.

Video clip reveals Cory and Cheyenne’s conversation about The Challenge

Viewers are currently seeing Cory Wharton appear on The Challenge: Double Agents, the 36th season of MTV’s reality competition series. He was one of many competitors who started the show, which is taking place in Iceland.

However, to get onto the show, competitors probably had to have some tough conversations with family about leaving during a pandemic. That included Cory, who was featured on MTV’s Teen Mom OG, informing Cheyenne of the news.

In the clip, Cheyenne talks about her relationship with her new man Zach going strong, but she is waiting for the right time to tell her ex Cory about it. The scene shifts away from Cheyenne hanging out with Zach to Cory dropping their daughter Ryder off at Cheyenne’s home.

He also has something to tell her about, and it’s that he was called to be on MTV’s The Challenge Season 36.

“I don’t know. I wanted to make sure you felt comfortable with this,” Cory said to Cheyenne as they talked about him having to leave.

“So you could be out for potentially three months during a pandemic, during [COVID-19] to leave me and Ryder all alone?” Cheyenne jokingly asked Cory.

Cory tries to present it in a different light, saying he’s excited he may have the opportunity to work during the pandemic. Cheyenne gives her blessing, and Cory humorously talks about his plans to win the show.

In an adorable part of the clip, Ryder wants to be on The Challenge just like her dad.

During the last season of The Challenge, Total Madness, Cory was one of the competitors stuck inside a bunker battling it out for big prize money. He reached the final and finished as a runner-up to Johnny Bananas.

However, throughout the season, a focus was put on Cory’s reason for doing the show to try to win the money for his kids back home.

Cory can’t keep a partner on Double Agents

Cory was formerly with Cheyenne Floyd, and they share a daughter, Ryder. He is currently in what seems to be a solid relationship with Taylor Selfridge.

With The Challenge: Double Agents, Cory is participating in his eighth season of the show. The latest season is about to air its eighth episode, just after the new Teen Mom OG footage arrived. Cory has yet to be eliminated.

He’s yet to go into an elimination event either, although he saw his friend Nelson Thomas sent home early by their supposed friend and ally, Fessy Shafaat. Competitors must go into elimination at least once to earn a Gold Skull if they want to be eligible to go all the way to the final and win.

Meanwhile, a running joke with Cory this season is that the former Real World: Ex-Plosion star seems to be cursed in terms of being able to keep a partner.

His first partner was Tori Deal, who was stolen away by Devin Walker after an elimination win. That made Cory a Rogue Agent, but he was soon partnered up with rookie Natalie Anderson.

Natalie had to leave Double Agents due to an unforeseen personal reason. However, Ashley Mitchell was able to come back on the show since Natalie originally eliminated her. That made Ashley, Cory’s partner until she was eliminated by Kam Williams an episode later.

In Episode 7, Theresa Jones became Cory’s new partner after Jay Starrett was eliminated. So that means Cory has a partner once again, and now viewers will see how long that lasts.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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