Cory Wharton shares cryptic ‘starting over’ Instagram post featuring Taylor Selfridge

cory wharton instagram post about starting over with taylor selfridge
Cory Wharton’s recent IG post might have had some fans worried about his relationship. Pic credit: @corywharton_ig/Instagram

Cory Wharton of The Challenge recently threw fans off a bit with a social media post involving him and his baby mama Taylor Selfridge from Teen Mom OG.

The latest photo carried a cryptic message, with Cory seeming to indicate the couple was “starting over” following his return home.

As Cory had been away from Taylor for a while due to MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents, his newest message had fans worried that maybe the couple was breaking up and starting over with relationships.

Cory shares ‘starting over’ IG post featuring Taylor

Not long ago, Cory Wharton returned to Instagram with a series of photos with Taylor Selfridge and his kids to show that he was back. He also commented to let fans know that he and Taylor had not split up, despite what rumors might suggest.

On Monday, November 23, Cory shared a new post on his Instagram profile that showed him and Taylor in two different photos, side-by-side.

The split images made it appear as if there might be trouble going on in Cory and Taylor’s relationship based on the specific photos used and his caption.

“Starting Over ? #linkinbio” was all that Cory put in the caption, teasing fans with the broken heart emoji to pique curiosity.


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A post shared by Cory Wharton (@corywharton_ig)

Cory also shut off the comments on the Instagram post, which has over 3,800 likes right now, including one from his good pal, Nelson Thomas.

However, his bio’s link provided some interesting insight into what “starting over” refers to and Cory’s future plans.

Cory sheds light on his relationship situation

The link in Cory Wharton’s Instagram bio leads to a report from the Champion Daily website. In that story, they feature several comments from Cory about the state of his relationship.

It doesn’t appear they are breaking up, but merely that he feels it’s almost like starting fresh now that he’s back home from MTV’s reality competition series.

He mentions that being away to participate in The Challenge helped him appreciate Taylor as he missed her quite a bit. That’s where the “starting over” comes in, as it feels like they were starting fresh with a “reset.”

“Returning from The Challenge it was almost like starting a relationship over again. Personally, I feel like every relationship needs a reset, especially with the aforementioned pandemic. With that being said, Taylor and I are on better terms than we have ever been and our relationship is in a better spot than it’s ever been in,” Cory explained.

He also mentioned that while he was away for The Challenge, Taylor was able to go see family, and their baby daughter “Mila got to spend time around her Grandma and Grandpa up in Seattle.”

Cory added that his other daughter Ryder was in good hands with his ex Cheyenne, so he was OK with leaving to do The Challenge.

As far as rumors that he and Taylor might get engaged, Cory said there’s no rush for that just yet, as they’re good where they’re currently at. However, it may be on the way in the future.

“To be clear, yes, I do want to one day but at the current time with everything going on in the world and me having just got back from The Challengeit’s not an immediate thing as in tomorrow it’s happening,” Cory said.

Fans will be able to see Cory as part of The Challenge Season 36 cast and can follow him and Taylor on social media to see how their relationship continues to move forward.

The Challenge: Double Agents premieres on Wednesday, December 9 at 8/7c on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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