The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 8 mission preview clip teases competitors playing dirty

cory wharton and theresa jones on double agents episode 8
Cory Wharton and Theresa Jones on The Challenge: Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV

A new mission teaser clip for The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 8 shows what’s ahead for competitors, including a dirty battle.

That could lead to some frustration between several cast members, including opponents and teammates.

One conflict may involve one of the show’s longtime veterans and a rookie competitor who took exception with their tactics during the daily mission.

It could also set up the potential matchup for another elimination event to help a competitor earn their Gold Skull for the final.

Double Agents Episode 8 mission features mud pit battle

MTV released an Episode 8 teaser trailer after the episode last Wednesday but has now given viewers an extended look at the daily mission. After last week’s poor performance by male competitors in the mission, they need to prove to host TJ Lavin they want to win.

The latest mission is called All Brawl. Most likely, this one’s going to get dirty, and not just due to the water they’re all battling in, but due to the fighting involved.

TJ explains it will take place in a mud pit with heats of five competitors at a time. They’ll all be trying to find an iconic Challenge relic in the pit and escape with it to get to the finish.

The Challenge host also lets them know there’s just one winner per round. The winner of each heat moves on to Phase 2 of the mission, which he said would be explained later.

“I’ve got a lot of aggression I’ve been wanting to get out,” Lolo Jones revealed during her confessional interview for the latest mission.

“At this point I want to lay it all on the line. Let’s f*****g go!” she continued.

Once Lolo’s heat is out in the mud pit, Kyle Christie tried to stir things up by yelling, “Nany’s got it!” to try to get other competitors to go after her.

Kyle and Nany Gonzalez were former teammates until Kyle won an elimination and traded Nany for Kam Williams in a previous episode.

Daily mission could bring conflicts, elimination

With the Double Agents Episode 8 trailer that arrived last week, Lolo was shown getting aggravated towards her castmate Aneesa Ferreira due to how she competed against her.

There were definitely some expletives thrown around as Lolo’s aggression came out during the mission. Will this put the rookie Lolo and veteran Aneesa on the chopping block for elimination later?

Additionally, the short clip that MTV released had Chris “CT” Tamburello looking frustrated about his performance with teammate Tula “Big T” Fazakerley during the mission.

The other trailer showed CT battling it out with Lolo’s partner, Nam Vo, in the mud pit.

The recent Episode 8 synopsis touched on the Lolo vs. Aneesa conflict and CT’s situation. It also mentioned rookie Amber M growing suspicious towards one of her best friends in The Challenge house. It’s still unknown which castmate that could be.

It’s also unknown if it will be an elimination day for the men or women at the end of the episode. However, another female elimination event could be on the way to even the Gold Skull count between the male and female competitors.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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