The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 8 synopsis reveals rookie gets suspicious

chris ct tamburello and tula big t fazakerley on the challenge double agents
Chris “CT” Tamburello and Tula “Big T” Fazakerley on The Challenge: Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV

When The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 8 arrives, it will bring plenty of drama, including competitors and teammates getting frustrated.

Not only that, at least one rookie in the house is becoming “suspicious” towards one of their friends or allies.

The newest Episode 8 plot synopsis has arrived and reveals some of what to expect from Double Agents’ next installment.

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Double Agents Episode 8 synopsis arrives online

An Instagram fan account based on The Challenge shared a screenshot of the new Double Agents plot synopsis on their IG Story.

The eighth episode of The Challenge Season 36 will be called A Muddy Matter.

The synopsis reveals that Aneesa and Lolo Jones will “get into a heated exchange when competing in the new daily mission called All Brawl. Also, Chris “CT” Tamburello gets worried about working with his partner Tula “Big T” Fazakerley.

The interesting part of the description says that rookie Amber M is becoming suspicious of one of her closest friends or allies in the game. That obviously raises questions about who that is.

the challenge double agents episode 8 plot synopsis
Pic credit: @thechallengeoverdose/Instagram

The new synopsis lines up with the Episode 8 preview trailer that arrived following the seventh episode. It shows Lolo’s frustrations towards Aneesa and also CT getting irritated while standing next to his partner Big T at the mission.

However, it does not show anything involving rookie Amber M getting suspicious of someone else in the game.

Amber M. mentioned fellow rookie during reaction video

In Amber M’s YouTube reaction video for Episode 7, she talked about Theresa Jones and Amber Borzotra’s argument, including parts not on the show. Basically, it was due to Theresa feeling that Amber B. wasn’t going along with her plan to have someone in their heat easily win the daily mission.

Theresa was supposed to win the heat based on the plan, but Amber B. didn’t go along with it and competed. When Amber M. asked Amber B. later why she didn’t stick with the plan, Amber B. told her it’s because Theresa wanted to throw her and Darrell Taylor into elimination.

Amber M. said she started to feel like Amber B. was acting funny around this point during her interactions with her. Amber B. never really told anyone else that she knew Theresa wanted to throw her and Darrell into elimination. She also went around to veterans in the house telling them Theresa wanted her to throw the daily mission, but she wasn’t going to.

From what Amber M. has said, she’s close with her teammate Mechie Harris. She’s also been shown hanging out with fellow rookie Gabby Allen, and maybe Big T. Amber Borzotra was supposedly part of Big T, and the rookie girls’ alliance called the Itty Bitty Small Committee.

However, the way the footage has been presented, Amber M. and Amber B. haven’t been shown hanging out a lot, so it’s unknown if she is the “close friend” the synopsis mentioned. Viewers will find out once the eighth episode airs as far as what other drama is going on.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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