Cheyenne Floyd reunited with Zach Davis after he slid into her DMs

Cheyenne Floyd during an episode of Teen Mom OG
Cheyenne Floyd opens up about getting back together with Zach Davis after he slid into her DM’s Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG star Cheyenne Floyd and her boyfriend Zach Davis recently got back together after spending nearly two years apart.

Cheyenne told InTouch that the two of them reconnected through social media after he slid into her DM’s during the pandemic.

She said, “We reconnected through Instagram. Zach slid back into my DMs and then I fell back in love through him bringing me food. It was so bad. It was way too easy, but I couldn’t resist.”

The two of them celebrated Cheyenne’s 28th birthday together and posed for pictures on Instagram.

In the photo, Cheyenne and Zach were kissing and Cheyenne’s daughter Ryder, who she shares with Cory Wharton, posed in front of them. They stood in front of dozens of bouquets of red roses and several birthday balloons.

Fans were happy to see Cheyenne and Zach back together and commented on how happy she looked.

Cheyenne announces pregnancy

Right around the time Cheyenne celebrated her birthday, fans started to suspect that she was pregnant again.

After fans continued to post about their speculation, Cheyenne confirmed the rumors and announced her pregnancy in a video on social media.

In a separate post, Cheyenne reflected on how thankful she was and how far she had come with her relationship with Zach.

She wrote, “Zach, you have been nothing but supportive and there every step of the way. Thinking about how young we were when we first met and how far we have come, I could not be more proud of us today.”

Cheyenne reveals she’s having a baby boy

Shortly after their pregnancy announcement, Cheyenne and Zach threw a big gender reveal party.

Cheyenne shared the video of the reveal on social media. It consisted of smoke bombs and confetti cannons, in addition to a plane that flew over their home.

Cheyenne wrote,”Happiness is an understatement to try to explain how we feel. My family and I are elated!! Ryder wanted a baby brother, and swears she knew this whole time. I know she’s going to be an amazing big sister. Mommy and daddy love you & can’t wait to meet you.”

Several of Cheyenne and Zach’s friends and family were present for the reveal including Ryder’s father Cory.

Cheyenne and Cory have had a cohesive co-parenting relationship and appear to have a strong friendship. While their close relationship caused issues for Cheyenne and Zach in the past, she told InTouch that she didn’t share the same concerns this time around.

She said, “Luckily, you know, moving forward, we’re just all in really good places in our lives and happy in our lives to where you’re able to move forward from that situation and not dwell on the past and kind of start over,”

Now that Cheyenne and Zach are back together, fans look forward to watching their relationship play out as part of Cheyenne’s story on the new season of Teen Mom OG.

Teen Mom OG premieres Tuesday January 26 at 8/7c on MTV.

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