Is Cheyenne Floyd pregnant? Teen Mom OG fans suspect she’s hiding a baby bump

Cheyenne Floyd during an episode of Teen Mom OG
Teen Mom OG fans speculate that Cheyenne Floyd is hiding a baby bump. Pic credit: MTV

A few things have happened recently that caused fans to suspect that Teen Mom OG star Cheyenne Floyd is pregnant and has been hiding her baby bump.

In October, Cheyenne celebrated her birthday and posed in social media photos in front of a table of champagne. Fans observed that sparkling juice was also present on the table and wondered if she opted for the alternative because she was expecting.

According to The Sun, Cheyenne set up a baby registry at Buy Buy Baby with her boyfriend, Zach Davis. The registry has since been deleted, but a screengrab was shared that showed the baby’s due date of June 2021.

Fans continued to spark rumors after Cheyenne’s baby daddy Cory Wharton of MTV’s The Challenge posted a video. The video was quickly deleted by Cory but not before fans caught a glimpse of what they thought was a baby bump.

The most recent event that got fans buzzing came from an Instagram post from the Teen Mom fan page @teenmom.tea.

The page shared an Instagram story of Cheyenne and Cory’s daughter Ryder wearing a “Big Sister” shirt at what was speculated to be a gender reveal party.


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Fans react

Fans were quick to react and wondered if she was keeping it a secret until the next season of Teen Mom OG.

One fan wrote, “Definitely being kept under wraps because this will be her story line for the new season.”

Another observant fan noticed the pink and blue balloons in the background of the video and said, “And the balloons in the back ?? I’m here for it ???.”

A couple of fans still had their reservations and felt that Cheyenne would be more vocal about her pregnancy if it were true.  One said, “I just feel like Chey would be yelling it from the rooftops if she was expecting.”

Others respected her desire for privacy as one follower said, “I respect her trying to preserve her privacy as much as possible ?”

Cheyenne’s story

Cheyenne joined the cast of Teen Mom OG in 2018 with Cory after being on MTV’s Are You the One and The Challenge: Rivals 3.

Cory and Cheyenne met on Rivals 3 and had their daughter Ryder, who is now three-years-old.

Cory didn’t know that Ryder was his until she was 6 months old. Cory co-parents with Cheyenne and also has a daughter Mila with Taylor Selfridge.

Mila was born this past April. Taylor Selfridge was fired from Teen Mom OG shortly after her daughter’s birth when MTV became aware of racially insensitive comments she made.

Cheyenne has yet to comment on the speculation regarding her pregnancy. It’s possible she could be waiting for the next season of Teen Mom OG to make her revelation.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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