Chelsea Vaughn reveals her dating red and green flags

chelsea vaughn
The Bachelor’s Chelsea Vaughn reveals her dating red flags and her relationship status. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor’s Chelsea Vaughn just got real about her dating opinions with her followers.

Chelsea revealed inconsistency is her number one red flag on an Instagram story Q&A.

“When a guy is hot/cold, all about you one day and then disappears the next,” Chelsea responded to a follower asking for her dating red and green flags.

She doubled down on this comment when another fan asked how to handle a guy that never wants to commit.

“You don’t. Seriously, stop replying. He keeps coming back because you are allowing him to,” Chelsea wrote. “If he cares, he’ll ask you what’s up when you stop replying. You say ‘this level of commitment/communication doesn’t work for me.’ To that, he will either step it up or he won’t.”

Chelsea answered a series of questions while showing off some of her Savage X Fenty looks, Rhianna’s brand which the model is a new ambassador for.

She also revealed her biggest green flag over a photo of herself in black lingerie.

“When I’m with them, I feel comfortable and safe to be 100p myself and to communicate honestly,” Chelsea wrote.

Chelsea Vaughn
Pic credit: @chelseavaughn_/Instagram

Chelsea Vaughn will not return to Bachelor in Paradise

Although she made a big impression with fans in her time on the show, Chelsea has been unlucky-in-love so far in the franchise.

After being sent home on Matt James’s season of The Bachelor, Chelsea appeared on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7. She eventually left the beach alone after a tangled love triangle with Aaron Clancy and Ivan Hall.

She also recently revealed on an exciting Instagram live that she would not be returning to Bachelor in Paradise.

It appears Chelsea is intent on using her experiences to help her followers.

“Tips to get over a guy you really liked and he liked you back but didn’t want to date u,” one fan asked.

“I’m sorry bb, this feeling sucks and you deserve someone who is excited AF to date you,” Chelsea wrote. “Journal or notes app write out everything you feel & want to say to him (just to get it out) and then don’t send it. It helps I swear.”

Chelsea Vaughn reveals her relationship status

Despite her up-and-down journey in the Bachelor franchise, Chelsea hinted to fans recently that she may be dipping her toe back in the dating pool.

“What happened w/ ‘hearted-his-text guy’ from last week!?” one follower asked, referring to vague references Chelsea has made previously.

“Lol y’all are invested,” she wrote. “He texted me.”

If she is seeing someone new, the model is keeping it quiet for now.

The Bachelor returns on January 31th at 8/7c on ABC

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